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Real Love Interventions

If you are determined to make your life what you want it to be, consider the advantages of having Greg as your personal coach. No one can “Love and Teach” more powerfully than Greg Baer himself — the author of all the Real Love books. Learn more about Real Love and how it can transform your life, by downloading a FREE Real Love Report.

What can a Real Love Intervention with Greg do for me?

Replacing Fear and Confusion with Peace and Confidence … that’s what Greg does best.

No one can “Love and Teach” more powerfully than Greg Baer himself — the author of all the Real Love books. If you are determined to make your life what you want it to be, consider the advantages of having Greg as your personal coach.

Learn the Real Love principles, feel the principles, and apply the principles with the support and guidance of Greg.

What do you dream of? With Greg’s ongoing, undivided attention you’ll work together to define what you want and how to get it.

Real Love Interventions are a special experience, and they happen in a special place.

A place for you to be immersed in Real Love!

The Real Love Retreat Space

  • a place where you — or you and a partner or child — can immerse in Real Love coaching with Greg for an extended period
  • a place to quietly retreat while enjoying both learning and living Real Love principles
  • a place to have a women’s Real Love retreat
  • a place to have a men’s Real Love retreat
  • a place to spend a week-long Real Love retreat

It does exist! The Real Love Company has a space in Rome, GA, where you can throw yourself into a Real Love environment. It’s a space on 6 acres of developed and natural beauty and is reserved for The Healing Power of Real Love. Coaching, lodging and numerous amenities are included — primarily focused on "Coaching".

For you - or you and your spouse - or you and your family.

Most immersions and interventions take place over two or three days. Contact for more information.

Think About This:

Imagine that you have chest pain, and you call me for a suggestion. If the symptoms are mild — consistent with a pulled rib muscle, for example — I might recommend that you rest and take a mild anti-inflammatory drug. The risk is low, and the solution is both inexpensive and likely to solve your problem.

Now suppose that the next week you call to say that you have new chest symptoms, which are more significant, but still consistent with a mild problem, like esophageal reflux (heartburn). I might suggest an over-the-counter antacid, like Maalox, alone or in combination with an over-the-counter H2-receptor antagonist like famotidine (trade name Pepcid AC). The risk is still fairly low, the solution a little more expensive.

The next day, however, you tell me that you're having severe chest pain, which radiates down your arm, along with difficulty breathing. Before I even speak, you absolutely refuse to go to the hospital. What should I recommend?

I could suggest the inexpensive and relatively easy solutions I offered on the previous two occasions, but your symptoms are now consistent with a heart attack, and my easy and well meaning solutions would likely contribute to your death. Heart attacks have now become quite treatable miraculously so but the success of the treatment depends mostly on one thing: the first hour of symptoms. If people get into the hospital within the first hour, their chances of living are much, much higher. If they wait, they typically die.

So, in the presence of heart attack symptoms, if I recommend an easy treatment — one you want — I'll actually contribute to your death. Or I can go against your wishes and recommend what you need, which will likely save your life.

It is the same in Real Love. Some people benefit simply from reading a book. Others require much more, and I recommend what is required — what is needed, not more, nor less — rather than what would be convenient. How could I do otherwise?

To be sure, interventions are more expensive than reading a book, but for those who require them, interventions are not more time consuming or difficult. To pursue treatment that is ineffective is frustrating, consumes much more time, and prolongs the pain that eventually may lead to a condition where no treatment will ever work.

Do interventions always work? No — some people are so firmly entrenched in being right that they cannot learn or feel the love being offered. Does that mean an intervention was the wrong thing to offer? Not at all. Exercise is known to result in physical fitness, and yet many people will not exercise, which does not invalidate the effectiveness of exercise. Similarly, many people will not study in order to learn, which does not make studying ineffective.

When people need an intervention, and when they are willing to trust, the results can be miraculous. If you have doubts about what you should do, listen to the recommendation of your certified Real Love coach or write

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