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    Melanie Engram

    I’ve been in my new job for nearly 3 months. I’m loving it! Why? I know it is because I’m different.
    I go to work to give, to be as loving as possible. People are angry, swear a lot, are fearful and stressed. I listen to them, accept them, and have no expectation to change them.
    I had one Guy that said to me “Magical, I’m waiting for the time you’re angry”. I responded with. I’ll let you know when I am.
    One Guy that is angry a lot, swears often. I’ve noticed how happier he is, and he’s less angry. What I did was listen to him, showed interest in him and accept him. Love him.
    I do have my moments of fear, when I react to wanting to be “nice”, or feel time pressure to get things completed on time, or when I don’t know stuff, or get too many demands. The noticeable difference is that I am peaceful most of the time.
    Anyway I’d never thought I’d enjoy going to work. I’m not going for the money, which is a huge difference in my attitude. I’m grateful for the experience. If I were to lose my job, It wouldn’t matter, because I’m loved. Learning what it feels like to trust.
    I’m grateful for Real Love. Thank you to my Daddy. I’m feeling happier in other areas of my life too x

    Greg Baer

    Love really does work better than anything else, doesn’t it?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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