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    I often attend meetings with different architects and construction specifiers. There were 30 people in the room. The speaker kept calling on just me during the presentation and I didn’t want the attention. I knew the answers to the questions but felt angst for the other people being left out.

    Vera Linnansalo

    Hey Debra,

    See if I can understand how you were feeling when you said “angst”.

    You felt the speaker singled you out, and you felt you had no choice but to answer the questions. You felt controlled and manipulated.

    Then you were wondered what everyone else would “think of you” because the speaker treated you like the “star” pupil. Ignoring everyone else. Normally when treated as a favorite in a classroom, what is the normal reaction by the other kids?

    Is that what you are saying?

    Love you


    Greg Baer

    Debra, just be yourself. Some people will find you defective, while others will single you out as a star of sorts. Reaction? Just be yourself, humble, teachable, grateful, willing to share with all your knowledge and your love. Allow people to react to you as they are capable. Some will be jealous. Others will be touched by your humility in the face of praise. You be yourself, and allow them the same. It will all work out.

    Elizabeth Freedman

    Debra, there is nothing better than to feel the freedom to not think about what others think about you. Worrying about what other’s think is a form of personal bondage. Free yourself. Have fun being you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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