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    Just Love

    Last year I put up a stink about having to review myself. I ran to the forum as a huge victim. This year I have to review myself again for my raise or to evaluate whether I keep my job or not. To be honest in this review, and I intend on being honest. I have not lived up to the expectation of my job description. I can make excuses but they are really frail reasons that I wasn’t responsible with my time and with managing my responsibilities. I’ve come to a place where I only feel peace telling the truth and I know Jan 22 I could be fired. It feels more loving to myself to get this out in the open and say I could have done better and point out where and how. It also feels more honest with my boss and with where I really am in my career. I could use some guidance from my company as to what is available to help me perform better if there is a resource I do not know about. Personally I know I had my head in the sand much of the year and although I worked I would have questioned how effective I was months ago. The other loving thing that is coming from this is that I am learning I don’t have to depend on a boss to do the next right thing. I have changed over the last 2 months and have really shaped up but I have to assess the whole year. It feels loving to be honest.

    Greg Baer

    What you just said is pretty darned good. I wouldn’t say that you haven’t done your job. Just be specific:
    1. Descirbe how you “could have done better and point out where and how.”
    2. Then, “I could use some guidance from my company as to what is available to help me perform better”
    3. Then add how you’ve realized this before now, and how the last 2 months have really improved.
    Honest assessment, not harsh judgment.

    Greg Baer

    I went ahead and sent the review in with changes as you suggested. I felt it would distract me and take away from the task at hand to wait to send it in the 22nd the last day it is due. My typical mo when it comes to any situation where I am being evaluated, is to wait, fear until the due date then drop back and punt which never has contributed to my happiness or actually been responsible and
    loving to me or those spending their time working with me. Lesson learned with losing an intervention for Richard.
    I already have a response and action plan. My boss pointed out that there were circumstances that contributed to the slow down aside from my admitted acknowledgment of the need for development in several areas and how I pointed out where I could have done better. It seems my response actually caused him to defend me though I was wrong. That is humbling! The company is flying me up to shadow a counterpart in the industry with 30 years experience. I also have a monthly game plan to increase my performance as well as checks and balances with the local team to stay ahead of projects instead of catching up all the time. Thanks for the teaching and love… happy making.

    I have to add this greatly increased my happiness and decreased my fear and I really am realizing this is foreign to me.

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