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    Melanie Engram

    I experienced a moment of irritation.

    A maintenance guy took my heater from my office, without my permission. he did talk to me and I said No. I went out the office and he took it.

    I went to find him, and came across his Manager and he was under the impression that he had my permission. We both went to this maintenance chap, and his Manager instructed this maintenance guy to order one, which should take about a day.

    What is important is that I was tested. I’m grateful for that test. I wasn’t at the time. I am right now.

    I really enjoy going to work, staying peaceful, enjoying the work and overcoming stress, and being loving. My focus is to bring Real Love in the workplace.

    I reflect on myself, on how do this, that I don’t listen, because I do what I want to do anyway.

    What is the loving thing to do?

    Feeling grateful I can see other choices for me. Without having to change him. I can go to the canteen with the Warehouse workers, get to know them. This is where he has taken my heater, rather than purchase another one.

    Is there something I’m not seeing?

    Greg Baer

    Being grateful makes a huge difference.

    I spoke kindly to the maintenance chap. We had a chat about not listening. He admitted that he does that.

    He’s ordering another one.

    I chose to sit in my bosses office as he is out. Nice and warm.

    Another manager has put pressure on to get a heater sorted out fie me.

    It’s all about the consequences of the choices we make.

    I’m glad I’m choosing gratitude, and know that there are other choices that I can see when I feel this way and loving

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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