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    Hi. I just started a new job as a teacher a few days ago. I m working at a middle school with kids from troubled homes and I have no previous experience as a teacher. Last week in gym class, one of the kids who hadn’t been listening to me all day kicked the ball hard into another kid who started to cry. This made me very angry and I shouted at him. It felt really bad to be so angry. I don t want to become the kind of teacher that uses anger to get my way or to control them, but I don’t know any other way now.
    After some thought, I realise that I am very insecure in this new job, which is probably why I lost my temper. I am afraid of failing and nervous about everything. I know, at least in my head, that what these kids really need is real love, but I was too preoccupied with my own fears to really care for them, and I do not know how to give them what they need.

    Greg Baer

    You have a very difficult job. You have to teach children who have already been wounded for many years. You need to love and teach them, no small job when you’re already feeling insecure yourself. I would suggest you immerse yourself immediately in two Real Love books (found on website):
    Real Love in Parenting
    Under the Bridge

    Greg Baer

    How did your year progress, Irene? I too am a teacher for middle school students (Special Education).
    I have been a teacher for 30 years and there are days (ok sometimes a week) that I say to my students, “When or if I walk out the door for a few minutes it is about me NOT you. They smile and say, “Okay”. I have learned to do this with my own children as well.
    I have the Real Love in Parenting CD set and listen to it often to and from work. In the 3rd quarter of this year I chose to start reading Under the Bridge to the students and when I have a substitute this assignment is in the lesson plan for every Monday. The students love it! We have dynamic discussions and essential questions that create critical thinking for constructive responses. To introduce the faculty to this book and Greg, I have invited students and teachers to our classroom for a skype session this month.
    Yesterday and today I was in meetings for students that are “doing nothing” and “acting out”. I took my responsibility and made sure I was walking in with 20 million in my love account, 15 million would not had been enough. Real Love melts all sizes and roles of monsters.

    Greg Baer

    Devour the Real Love in Parenting book.
    THAT is what teachers need, since they function in the classroom as parents.

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