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    Ugh… drove 30 minutes to a class, took them a fantastic lunch and taught the most exciting Basic Electrified Hardware 101 class….. asked them if they had a specification I could write free of charge and the little jerk …. said we only care if you bring us lunch and give us credit for the class….. dang .. so fast that word JERK popped into my head…. but underneath I heard… you are worthless for anything else….. just how we can use you…. gratefully …. I know better …. so bless the little empty jerk… that’s all he knows… and note to self… this firm isn’t a revisit because that will waste the company money and time …


    Thanks for sharing this on my conference call today Debra! Cool how you can get to a place of peace and calm so quickly now – a testament to the work you’ve done to trust and feel loved!
    Isn’t it nice that it brings such clarity also?
    Way to go. Love you, and grateful to share this journey with you!

    Greg Baer

    Well… I was a little petulant stinker getting there …. and still haven’t arrived but the journey doesn’t end anytime soon…. or at least on this planet ….. I am thankful for those who love me warts and all fun to be doing this NOT ALONE … hugs Kathy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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