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    Greg Baer

    I haven’t done too well in retaining a work position for nearly 50 years. In some of the jobs I left, or was asked to leave, due to lacking the skills necessary. But most jobs I lost were due to my inability to simply interact,respect,obey authority, talk too much, or simply just not get along with the others.
    I believe the reason that I was able to keep a teaching position for 34 years was simply due to the fact that it is extremely difficult to fire a teacher!
    My most recent job which I left after 7 months was due to my inability to work with the manager.
    Last week I began a new job working in a warehouse. I’ve never seen a warehouse before this. The job is demanding physically and at the end of the day my manager has asked if I planned to return the next day. Not because he didn’t want me to, but was I physically able and willing to.
    There are only 3 of us and so far so good. I see the manager as a man who changes his mind often in the middle of projects and the other man in there only to get done and get his check. I need to see them simply as men who need to be loved just like anyone else we see. I have an issue believing that loving a coworker is becoming their friend, which experience has taught me as being wrong!
    I know that my fear is panic that this job is the end of the road and that I’ve been blessed to even be hired 2 times after going without work for 14 months! Unemployment is a place I never want to be again. I think I’m afraid of ME!

    Any experience that others can share from their employment? What works and what doesn’t?

    Greg Baer

    Hey Bill…. this is just an observation from group… when you don’t think about yourself…. you are an extremely loving and kind man.. as you reached out to someone in the group last night it seemed that there was absolutely no fear and that you really could forget any so called “inability” you think you have … You are right you don’t have to have coworkers be your friend… but maybe there is a lie in there that they have to accept you to be loved or that since you are afraid of you maybe they all should be? I can’t find the words to express this…… Soooo it seems that you do have tons of ABILITY … and no matter what they think, say, act or feel…. your ability is your own patented form of Bill who is loving as best he can …. Here’s a last question …. in your mind does “work with someone” = being a disappointment and corrected all the time being chased around the kitchen with a knife …. or does it = achieving a goal together under direction of a person placed in charge because someone has to lead …… You are worthy …. love Deb

    Cindy Deitz

    Yes! You being suspect of you is a great place to be. Its responsible on your part to be aware of how you can overwhelm people. If you can focus on being a good employ and doing the job you are told to do, you cannot lose. Do it different this time and stay more connected…its much easier. Love you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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