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Without Expecting

Free yourself completely from expectations and victimhood by reading Real Love and Freedom for the Soul. “This book nailed me to the wall! It has given me the power to change the way I believe, the way I feel, and the way I behave toward…


Free yourself from victimhood and experience the joy that comes from feeling unconditionally loved by reading Real Love and Freedom for the Soul here:
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Grabbing Balloons with Scissors

Recently I helped prepare for a bridal shower—my first such experience—and I was surprised to learn how much work goes into one of these affairs. For days I cut ribbons, made decorations, ran errands, blew up balloons, nodded my head in…


People who tell you their woes are not expressing their trust in you. When they listen to you tell the truth about their victimhood, THAT is trusting. Learn more about the joy of freeing yourself and others from the chains of victimhood by…
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So Many Words–Like So Many Bricks

When I first met Marie she saw everything from the perspective of a victim. She complained endlessly about how people–notably her husband–and circumstances had inconvenienced her. People were always doing things to her and failing…
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The Impossible World of the Victim

After twelve years of marriage, Liz and Robert had learned to attack and control each other with a precision and ferocity that was both fascinating and horrifying, like watching two gladiators at work. Robert was primarily an attacker. He motivated…
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Victimhood: A Swath of Destruction

When Stacy and Hank were married, their hopes were electrifying and contagious. They were bright, educated, and physically attractive. No one at the wedding had the slightest doubt whether these two would have a rich and fulfilling marriage. In…