Supply of Real Love is Infinite

The Supply of Real Love is Infinite

The supply of Real Love is infinite. Start finding it by listening to Real Love, The truth about finding unconditional love and fulfilling relationships today.
Unconditional love

How Can You Love Me?

Love without a reason is very powerful and very freeing. And totally real. Learn how to love someone without a reason by listening to Real Love, the truth about finding unconditional love and fulfilling relationships.  
Fill Your Life with Unconditional Love

Love is a River

Unconditional love–or Real Love–is a river that flows throughout the universe and gives life to everything it touches. I am not being metaphorical here. This energy is literal, even palpable. All things are united by the flow of this river,…
Recognizing Real Love

What Is Real Love?

Learn how to recognize Real Love. Watch as Greg answers "What Is Real Love?" from his Top Ten Questions on YouTube and transform YOUR life today.  
Love from One Person
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Love From One Person

Matt called me to complain about his wife. He said she avoided him, wouldn't have sex with him, and seemed to dislike any conversation with him. "I'm miserable," he said. "Do you have a Real Love group?" I asked. "Yes." "Do you attend…
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Who We Really Are

Discover the joy of being who you REALLY are by participating in a Free Real Love Conference Call here:
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Accept Everyone With Their Flaws

Join in on a Free Real Love Conference Call to practice loving and accepting others—and to feel loved and accepted yourself—here:

Embrace the Love

Feel the power of Real Love in YOUR life as you watch Greg present The Essentials of Real Love to a live audience. "I've read all the books and heard all the great speakers, but Greg just blew me away! Real Love is the missing piece. What…

Won't Sting

Get unconditionally loved and taught—without the sting—by becoming a member of today here:

The Brush Of Heaven

Or we can believe that all the world is no more than an extension of the mosquito bite we’re presently scratching. Transform your life, relationships, and the way you see the world by reading or listening to Real Love today:

Loving May Be Hard, But It’s Better than Every Other Alternative (Video Clip)

Sometimes being unconditionally loving may seem difficult, but loving is better than anything else you could choose.

Emotional Fingerprints

Sharon sat in front of me, with the stated purpose of getting help with her marriage. “Are you aware of how unhappy you are?” I asked. “I don’t know what you mean,” she said. It was clear that Sharon didn’t want to talk…

Like Growing Bamboo

For nearly thirty years I’ve been watching a small forest of bamboo growing in our backyard. Once the original plants have matured sufficiently, a dense growth of roots grows outward, weaving together so tightly that it’s nearly impossible…

Happiness is Love. (Video Clip)

Longest study in history proves power of love.

Is Unconditional Love Possible in a Partnership?

Many of us have discovered that it’s relatively easy to unconditionally love strangers. To illustrate, suppose you meet someone for the first time—we’ll call him Mark—in a Real Love meeting. He’s pleasant. He doesn’t hit you in the…

Who We Are

Our ultimate goal is to love as fully and deeply as possible all the people within our sphere of influence—not because we should, but because it is the irresistible expression of who we are.

One Plus One

With love, one plus one is infinite and eternal. Without love, one plus one equals misery.

Surrounded by Love

We are surrounded by love without limit. We need not earn it, plead for it, exchange it, or compete for it—just accept and allow it.

The Real World

On many occasions, people have sat in my home and felt the river of love available to them—from me, from God, and from others. I have shaken my head with wonder at their transformation as the fear and confusion have been replaced with peace,…

Love Saves

All the words and principles in the world won’t save us, but love will.


You can’t make anyone genuinely love you, but you can certainly kill yourself trying.