What it Takes to Trust Someone (Video Clip)

Take the fear out of changing your life for the better by not being afraid. Decide to trust somebody to help you. Watch this video clip and learn how: Join a Free Conference Call here and talk with others seeking…
Choose to Trust People

Choose to Trust People

Choose to trust people and create the possibility that you will feel loved by them. Your pain will disappear—all because of your choice. Learn more about making wise choices by listening to Real Love.  
Choose to Trust

But HOW Do I Trust?

After counseling thousands of people from all over the world, I can tell you that there is ONE quality that separates those whose lives are transformed by Real Love from those who are relatively unaffected: Trust. Suppose that as you take…
Life without trust is lonely.

Life Without Trust is Lonely

Don't live your life without trust. Real Love offers a safe place to trust people. Start by going on a Free Conference Call. Watch the free videos here. Would you like to hear Greg's voice every single day?!? Become a member of…

We Need to Trust Love

Talk with others on a Free Conference Call moderated by a Real Love Coach and learn how to trust that you ARE loved.
Build your foundation on a rock.

Build On A Rock

Make sure your foundations are built on the rock of Real Love. Read or listen to Real Love today.
How to be happy.

The Degree to Which You Will Be Happy

Read Real Love and Freedom for the Soul. Learn how to lay down your unloving behaviors and be open to feeling and sharing love.

It Takes What It Takes

A couple of years ago I did an intervention with a couple, Marcus and Janie. During the entire three days, they both fought with each other–and with me–to be the most right and the most wounded. That does not make for happy lives or relationships. By…
What does real love look like?

What Does Real Love Look Like?

As a principle alone, Real Love is transformational. As I have taught the definition and nature of Real Love to people all around the world, I have been impressed with how they have lit up with understanding. As they have realized the role of…

Choose First To Trust

"I just had a clerk at Walmart say....I wish the whole world could be as happy as you look right now....I owe it to Real Love." Jolene L., Alabama Trust a Certified Real Love Coach and watch as your life transforms into the happy, joyful…

Trust Your Partner (Video Clip)

Your partnership will be greatly strengthened when you trust your partner to handle what they decide to do.

Trust Is Not Earned

I have written at length on the subject of trust being a gift, not a condition that is earned. You can find much of that by using the Master Index here. A few more words on the subject here. Of course it is reasonable to look for a general…

Half Trust

Experience the joy of fully trusting someone who genuinely cares about your happiness. Visit our list of Loving People To Talk To here:

Why Do We Ask Questions?

Oran came into the room and asked his wife, Pia, “Why are you hanging the picture there?” Pia immediately turned on him and said, “You always have something negative to say about whatever I do!” “I was just asking a question,”…

How Can I Trust More?

In order to feel unconditional love, we must first trust the sincerity and ability to love of those who are offering it to us. You can read about how to trust more here. There are even more ways to learn how to trust, which are found throughout…

Fitting the Pieces Together

In well-made jigsaw puzzles, every piece is an individual work of art, with its own colors and shapes—unlike any other piece. But as each piece is properly connected to the others a larger, greater work of art is created. As people we…

Once Again, It’s About Childhood

On a great many occasions—in blogs, on video chats, and throughout an entire book—I have talked about how the lack of unconditional love in childhood causes pain and fear that can influence or even determine feelings and behavior for the…

What Are the Obstacles to Love and Trust? (Video Clip)

We’ve all had so many painful experiences with trusting people who claim to love us, that it’s natural that we would distrust love now.