Choose to Trust

But HOW Do I Trust?

After counseling thousands of people from all over the world, I can tell you that there is ONE quality that separates those whose lives are transformed by Real Love from those who are relatively unaffected: Trust. Suppose that as you take…

We Cannot Keep Doing the Same Thing and Get Different Results (Video Clip)

In order to genuinely change our lives, we must be willing to give up pretty much everything we ever thought we knew.

When to Trust?

It is not possible for us to feel unconditional love—the most essential ingredient for genuine happiness—without trusting the person loving us. On many occasions I have been asked, “Does that mean I should trust everybody?” Of course…

When We're Afraid, What We Need Most is to Trust (Video Clip)

When we fail to trust, we make it impossible to learn, grow, and find rich relationships.


Recently I was talking to Sarah, who was acting like a victim and fully occupied with being angry, right, right, and right. And this was immediately after she had asked me for HELP with her unhappiness. When someone is unhappy but insists on…

In the Pit

One day I was talking to Henry about changing the mess he’d made of his life—and marriage and children—and he said, “This is impossible. I’ll never be worth anything. I’ll never be happy.” “If you had sufficient experience…

Risk and Trust

Growth and happiness are IMPOSSIBLE without risk and trust, which most of us fear. Ironically half trusting is way more scary—and far less productive—than trusting all the way.

Trust and Obey

We don’t blindly obey the laws of happiness. We obey because we can see the truth, and we see because we trust and obey.


When you can make TRUSTING your natural inclination, you can begin to build a foundation of love.

Fear of Declaring Trust (Video Clip)

Most of us are trusting before we have the courage to admit that we are.


Trusting involves possible failure. Not trusting means certain failure.

Trusting vs. Remembering

Recently I was asked, What is the difference between trusting love and remembering it? If someone is behaving insanely, how can you tell whether they are not trusting or simply not remembering they are loved? You can’t remember the feeling…

Trusting People

Trusting people does involve the risk of failure and pain. Not trusting guarantees failure and pain.
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Trust is EASIER than Not Trusting

On a great many occasions I have said that trusting is the key to feeling and retaining love. Trust makes the flow of love possible, as surely as an electrical socket makes the flow of electricity possible. Without trust, love is still abundant,…


Trust makes the flow of love possible, as surely as an electrical socket makes the flow of electricity possible. Without trust, love is still abundant, but it’s unavailable to us.

Life Begins

Life begins just past the edge of your discomfort.

Spoon Feeding

I had been working with Emily for several months, but she was not understanding the concept or feeling of trust. No matter how much love she received, it just was not sticking. The other day I received an email from Emily: “Hi. I know you…


I'd rather ride the rapids with people I trust than sit on dry land by myself.

Listen and Follow

When you are quiet and unafraid, and you’re wondering what you should do next, whispers of thought will come to your mind. Listen to them and follow them.

Trust and Love

Trust creates room for love, and together they create joy. Thinking has very little role in all that.