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Stop managing one crises after another and discover how you can live the peaceful, happy life you deserve—every day. Start by reading or listening to Real Love: The Truth About Finding Unconditional Love and Fulfilling Relationships. "I…

It's A Miracle!

Listen to these inspiring stories of a cop, a convict, a lawyer, a mother, a teacher, and many others who—with the power of Real Love—transformed their lives. “This book has given me hope. If all these people can find the miracle…

Effects Of Fear

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Do You Want To Walk Or Fly? - Real Love Blog

Do You Want To Walk Or Fly?

Lee Ann called me and said, "My husband is leaving me, our marriage is awful, our children fight all the time, and I can hardly drag myself out of bed in the morning." What can I do? I suggested she read a couple of Real Love books, which…

Simply Take The Next Step

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Old Patterns

Free yourself from old patterns of beliefs and the wounds you've been carrying around since childhood by reading Real Love and Post-Childhood Stress Disorder here:

Brief Disorientation

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Real Listening Will Banish Fear - Real Love Blog
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Real Listening Will Banish Fear

Sharon called me and said, "All Justin can talk about is work and money: this deal, that deal, making money, losing money. It never stops." "And then you're supposed to respond to each of the issues he brings up, right?" I asked. "Yes.…

Still Owns You

Stop running and learn how you can feel peaceful and loved all the time, by reading Real Love and PCSD (Post-Childhood Stress Disorder). "You do not want to miss out on these principles that will transform your life no matter what happened…
Lions and Tigers and Bears–Oh My!! - Real Love Blog

Lions And Tigers And Bears–Oh My!!

Carla called me, trembling, and said she had seen a spider in her house the day before, and for more than twenty-four hours she had been too frightened to move. I suggested that in the short term there were some things she might do to limit…


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Pain Is Information

The primary motivation of nearly every human being is to decrease pain. Understandable. Who likes to be in pain? But pain is INFORMATION. It tells us that something is WRONG, something that may injure or even consume us—something we need to…

The Thrill of True Freedom

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Why Isn't Real Love Everywhere - Real Love Blog
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Why Isn't Real Love Everywhere?

Someone wrote to me, "If Real Love is so essential, then why doesn't it just occur naturally everywhere? And why has it taken this long for Real Love to be discovered? And why is it difficult to learn?" Just because something is good—or…
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Changing The Oil-Every 100,000 Miles - Real Love Blog
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Changing the Oil–Every 100,000 Miles

Charles came to me in a crisis. He was having one conflict after another with his parents, his girlfriend, and his coworkers. Knowing that Charles was a mechanic by trade, I said, "Imagine that I brought my car in to your shop every 50,000…
Facing Fears - Real Love Blog

Facing Fears

We usually exert more effort to avoid our fears than it would take to face them directly. Face your fears and learn how to completely eliminate them with the help of a Certified Real Love Coach.
Putting Out The Fire - Real Love Blog

Putting Out The Fire

As I write this, I'm cruising at 36,000 feet, far out over the Atlantic Ocean—with the assistance of a Boeing 767. An hour ago, a man spilled out of a nearby restroom and fell unconscious in the aisle. This elicited quite an excited response…
Eternal Perspective - Real Love Blog

Eternal Perspective

If I retain an eternal perspective—which is simply the truth, not some way of positive thinking—how can I worry about the little things that don’t matter? Remember what is really true and watch your stress melt away by carrying around…
Stop Anger Early - Real Love Blog
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Stop Anger Early

It’s far easier to stop anger early in the process—at the point of minimal disappointment or frustration, for example—than it is after anger really gets rolling, just as it’s easier to blow out a match than to put out a raging grass…