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Playing The Organ - Real Love Blog
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Playing The Organ

From childhood I've played the piano, and when I was twelve, the church we attended asked if I could play their organ for the Sunday services. I said, "Sure," and then I scrambled to teach myself how to play this instrument I had no experience…


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Real Love Has Made My Life Worse - Real Love Blog

Real Love Has Made My Life Worse

Mark had read the book Real Love and attended several Real Love groups. He called me and said, "Real Love has ruined my life." "How so?" I asked. "I feel worse about myself, and my marriage is worse than ever." After asking a few questions,…

Ultimate Art Form

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How To Withdraw Graciously - Real Love Blog
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How To Withdraw Graciously

One of the most common mistakes people make in relationships is to keep talking when conflict is developing. When people are afraid—always an element of conflict—they become quite insane, and the conversation can only become increasingly…

Being A Parent

With Real Love in Parenting, you can learn how to be the parent you've always wanted to be. "I was at my wits' end. I did not know how to help my children. But now I do. Real Love in Parenting has given me everything I was missing as a p…
Mud, Mud Everywhere - Real Love Blog

Mud, Mud Everywhere

I was digging a ditch for better drainage in the yard, and the sticky Georgia mud spread everywhere. It was on my hands and arms, all over my clothes, in my hair, down my boots. When I'm in the mud, everything I touch becomes muddy, so I have…
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Without Expecting

Free yourself completely from expectations and victimhood by reading Real Love and Freedom for the Soul. “This book nailed me to the wall! It has given me the power to change the way I believe, the way I feel, and the way I behave toward…


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Living in Fear, Living in Death - Real Love Blog
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Living In Fear, Living In Death

When I asked Jennifer how she was doing, she said, "Okay, I guess." "If you're guessing whether you're even 'okay,' you must not be doing all that well." "I suppose not." When people "guess" and "suppose" a lot, it almost uniformly…
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Love Because

Don’t love because you should, or because it would make other people happy. Love because you just can’t help yourself, because you simply cannot withhold the river of it that is flowing into you. Find Real Love for yourself and watch…
The Billionaire - Real Love Blog
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The Billionaire

Earlier this year I spoke with a man whose net worth was $1.4 billion. He employs more than a hundred thousand people in his various businesses and spends vast sums on homes, vacations, vehicles, and more. He said, "I am the loneliest man on…
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Fix The Foundation

Heal the wounds of your past and let Real Love transform your life into the happy, fulfilling life you've always wanted by reading Real Love and PCSD (Post-Childhood Stress Disorder) here:
Are You Willing To Pay The Price? - Real Love Blog
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Are You Willing To Pay The Price?

Elaine called me and said, "I need some work done around my house, and for years I've used the services of this guy, Clay, who does pretty good work and doesn't overcharge me. But he really gets on my nerves—bad. And I must not be the only…
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Just One Hand - Real Love Blog

Just One Hand

Recently I was talking with a man whose life had become increasingly unhappy. A number of questions revealed—no surprise—that he had never felt unconditionally loved. So I showed him what Real Love looked like, and the effect was dramatic.…

Acting From Faith

We are ALWAYS acting from faith. The only question is what we have faith IN, which is demonstrated by every choice we make. When we’re angry, controlling, and complaining, we’re believing that this will make us happier. When we finally give…


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Stop It!! - Real Love Blog
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Stop It!!

A married couple, Jack and Amy, were telling me how unhappy they were. Amy was an attacker who angrily criticized people—especially Jack and her children—from the time she opened her eyes in the morning until she fell asleep at night. She…
Better Yield, Less Effort - Real Love Blog
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Real Love–Better Yield, Less Effort

Martin called me and said, "My wife, Cynthia, is all gaga over this Real Love stuff, and she wants me to get involved with her. But we've already done marriage counseling, read books, done retreats. None of it made any difference. Why try again?" I…