“I’m Okay.”

Nicole had bounced from one man to another all her life, almost never living without a pathologic relationship. On one day when she called me, she was between men. I asked her how she was doing. "I'm okay," she said. We hear this answer…

A Single Step Into The Dark

"I just had a clerk at Walmart say, 'I wish the whole world could be as happy as you look right now.' I owe it to Real Love." J. Lewis, Alabama Take your first step toward the happy life you deserve by becoming a member of…

Fighting The Truth

Remember what is really true by printing out this list of 5 Truths and carrying it with you (or pin it on Pinterest for easy reference when you need a reminder).


Listen to The Truth About Love and Lies to learn how you can start living the happy, fulfilling life you deserve now. "Wow!! I started listening to this audiobook in my car, and when I got home, I sat in the driveway for another hour and…

Clearly See

Eliminate the wounds of your past and start living the happy life you deserve NOW by reading Real Love and Post-Childhood Stress Disorder. "Dr. Baer makes it clear to everyone! You do not want to miss out on these principles that will transform…
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Call Out

Join in on a Free Real Love Conference Call to experience the joy of being heard and unconditionally loved exactly as you are. Click the image below for the daily call times and numbers.

You Keep Yourself Worthless

When a parent frowns at a child, she hears this: "When you don't do what I want—when you are not the person I want you to be—I become disappointed and irritated. I love you only when you meet my needs and don't inconvenience or frighten…
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The Very Tricky Business Of Pleasing People

Rita sat in front of me and was the very model of civility and propriety. She was exceptionally polite, cheery, and cooperative. Nor was there a hair out of place. When I asked why she'd come to see me, she responded that she wasn't sure.…
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Stop managing one crises after another and discover how you can live the peaceful, happy life you deserve—every day. Start by reading or listening to Real Love: The Truth About Finding Unconditional Love and Fulfilling Relationships. "I…


Listen to "The Truth About Love and Lies" to stop stumbling and start living the happy life you deserve now.

Falling Leaves

There are many large trees in our backyard, and each fall they shed their leaves, in the process covering the lawns in a thick blanket. I get no particular pleasure from removing leaves from the lawns, but it has to be done, or the leaves block…

Brief Disorientation

Get help navigating your new world of unconditional love and true happiness by becoming a member of here:
The North Star - Real Love Blog

The North Star

Find Real Love, and stay on the path toward the happiness you've always wanted, by reading or listening to Real Love here:

One Step at a Time

Feel loved and supported as you take each next step to the genuinely happy life you deserve, by scheduling a FREE 15-minute call with a Certified Real Love Coach here:
Do You Hear What I Hear? - Real Love Blog

Do You Hear What I Hear?

One night as I was talking in my driveway with a friend from New York City, he said, "What is that sound? I can hardly hear myself think." I had no idea what he was talking about. "What sound?" I asked. As he described the noise, I realized…
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The Taste Of Praise

Discover the joy of being loved unconditionally—just for being YOU—with no need to earn praise or prove yourself. Become a member of today to find the love, support, and genuine happiness you've been searching for.
The Rest Of The Drowning Story - Real Love Blog
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The Rest Of The Drowning Story

Early in your experience with Real Love, undoubtedly you encountered—or will encounter—the "drowning story." Allow me to summarize it here: The Drowning Story Imagine that you and I are sitting together by a pool, where we are enjoying…
Love and Light

Love And Light Are Not Lost

With Real Love, you can find the light again and live the happy, fulfilling life you deserve. Start by clicking here to listen to Real Love. "It was like stepping from the shadows into the sun! Dr. Baer has given us a monumental achievement…
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Stop Talking

Figure out the difference between the lies and the truth by listening to "The Truth About Love and Lies." "Wow!! I started listening to this audiobook in my car, and when I got home, I sat in the driveway for another hour and a half until…

Enjoy Every Loving, Learning Moment

Listen to these inspiring stories of people moving forward with Real Love and enjoying every moment, and see how YOU can, too:
Bitten By A Rattlesnake—And I Lived - Real Love Blog

Bitten By A Rattlesnake—And I Lived

Kelly, age sixteen, was bitten by a rattlesnake while walking on her ranch in Arizona. She was rushed to the hospital and treated there for a week. Her leg became swollen, discolored, and quite painful, and for a month she couldn't walk without…