Nails and Half-Measures

A two-by-four piece of lumber really measures 1.5 inches by 3.5 inches, because the original piece of wood—two inches by four inches—is reduced in size during the process of drying and planing. The other day I nailed two pieces of two-by-four…

Words That Matter, Part 6

We are often careless with our words, and some of them are so laden with negative meanings that we cause great harm without realizing it. Recently I began a discussion of such words, Words That Matter Part 5 Words That Matter Part 4 Words…


A world expert on the destruction of our oceans said that the problem is not about fish or pollution. It’s about our own selfishness. We must pay attention to the selfishness that is destroying us on so many levels.


The moment I insist on being right I become incapable of learning anything or of genuinely connecting to anyone.


Selfishness of itself is not bad. Nursing babies are gloriously selfish. Selfishness becomes harmful only when we use people without their agreement and in ways that hurt them.

Abolished by Selfishness

We spend our lives accumulating mountains of evidence to justify the self-righteousness of our anger, but the validity of those arguments is instantly and thoroughly abolished simply by their selfishness.

You Pay for What You Get

For many years Julie had used guilt and intimidation to control every thought, word, and behavior of her husband, Don. This is hardly an accusation, since she was doing only what she had been taught all her life by her parents and others. Regrettably,…