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We're All in the Special Olympics

Years ago I attended a local Special Olympics, where all the athletes had one or more physical or mental disabilities. When the starting pistol signaled the beginning of the hundred-yard dash, the participants responded in a variety of ways.…
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You Can Feel Relieved and Loved (Video Clip)

Nobody can take from you the fact that you are utterly delightful. Feel relieved and loved. Learn how by watching the Essentials of Real Love DVDs.
What really matters

Confident About the Things that Really Matter

Feel the confidence that comes from filling your life with the things that really matter. Listen to Real Love, the truth about finding unconditional love and fulfilling relationships today.    
Your Own Freedom

Your Own Freedom

Achieve your own freedom. Until you allow everyone the freedom to dislike you and disagree with you, you will not have your own freedom. Learn how. Read Real Love and Freedom for the Soul today.  
The truth about feeling worthless

The Truth About Feeling Worthless

When Mark sat down, it was obvious that he was profoundly unhappy. I asked him what was wrong, and he described conflicts with his wife, children, and boss. "All those things just distract you from the real cause of your unhappiness," I said. "So…
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The More You See, the More You SEE (Video Clip)

Learning the Real Love principles REALLY opens your eyes about yourself.
what is true

What Is Really True?

Michelle called me in a snit about a conflict in her marriage with Rob. She'd worked herself into quite a frenzy, and after a couple of minutes I said, "You're very afraid." "I'm angry," she said. "Oh, I can hear that, but your anger is…
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Find Your Gifts (Video Clip)

All of our differences are gifts, not traits to be compared or criticized.
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Wrong vs. Bad (Video Clip)

Most of us have been taught all our lives that we have done everything wrong. The next logical conclusion is that we are therefore bad. Wrong. Again.
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Misplaced Shame

I spoke with a woman, Darlene, who was always unhappy. I learned that when she was a child, about ages eight through twelve, she had been sexually abused by her father, cousin, and uncle. She said her father had sex with her "only once," and…
We are all unique

We Are All Unique

We ARE all unique. We don't have to prove ourselves to be loveable. Read or listen to Real Love, The Truth About Finding Unconditional Love and Fulfilling Relationships today to learn how to stop proving to the world that you are loveable. Feel…
Build your foundation on a rock.

Build On A Rock

Make sure your foundations are built on the rock of Real Love. Read or listen to Real Love today.
You're Learning and growing.

You're Learning and Growing

Keep learning and growing. Dive into the Real Love book list and read or listen and learn more today!
Nothing wrong with being crazy.

Nothing Wrong with Being Crazy

Know and love yourself and others better. Learn how by listening to Real Love.
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I Think People Judge Me (Video Clip)

There is a big difference between knowing and feeling that you are judged. It's up to you whether you feel judged.
The Truth About You

The Truth About You

Free yourself from fear and confusion and know the real truth about you! Read or listen to Real Love today and do the Real Love Companion workbook at the same time.
As we learn and grow

As We Learn and Grow

Learn and grow in happiness and peace. Start here with this free report: Secrets of a Happy Life
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Finding Out who You Are (Video Clip)

You figure out who you are by getting rid of the fear. Be patient. It takes time.
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Give Truth A Chance

Tom called, and the short version—the real meaning—of the stories he told was this: "I'm miserable. I'm afraid. I feel so alone. I'm discouraged. Nobody loves me. Nobody will ever love me." I'd heard him talk like this many times before,…
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Who We Really Are

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