Your Own Freedom

Your Own Freedom

Achieve your own freedom. Until you allow everyone the freedom to dislike you and disagree with you, you will not have your own freedom. Learn how. Read Real Love and Freedom for the Soul today.    
The truth about feeling worthless

The Truth About Feeling Worthless

When Mark sat down, it was obvious that he was profoundly unhappy. I asked him what was wrong, and he described conflicts with his wife, children, and boss. "All those things just distract you from the real cause of your unhappiness," I said. "So…

The Wrong Card

In 1967, when I was in high school, I learned to program the only computer in town, a device so large that it filled most of one floor of a building at the local engineering college. Ironically, I have more computing capacity now in my phone. In…

In the Pit

One day I was talking to Henry about changing the mess he’d made of his life—and marriage and children—and he said, “This is impossible. I’ll never be worth anything. I’ll never be happy.” “If you had sufficient experience…

Who We Are

We work so hard to prove our worth with what we do, when the universal truth is that what we do most effectively proceeds from our sense of worth. We must know who we are.
Uniquely Powerful and Creative - Real Love Blog

Uniquely Powerful and Creative

With enough love and understanding, you will realize that all your oddities give you the ability to be uniquely powerful and creative.

Eliminating Illusions

There are very few efforts that require more courage than eliminating the illusions we treasure about ourselves.

Swallowing the Whole Thing

Today I was at the hardware store, picking up 40 large concrete blocks, two ladders, 10 two-inch PVC pipes each ten feet long, and a few other small things. It was quite a load. The people who usually help load the car were otherwise occupied,…
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Not Easy to Love

One day at a retreat I was talking with Kristen, who said, “I feel pretty great right now.” “You LOOK pretty great right now,” I said. “You look peaceful and even . . .” “Loved. Yes, I do feel loved, and I like it.” “You…

Find Ourselves?

Rarely is it fruitful to “find ourselves,” as though it were a search. If we gradually eliminate our self-delusions, however—especially our fears—what remains is who we really are.

Use It or Lose It

When I was a teenager I worked full-time as an orderly at a hospital. One day a boy about my age was admitted to the intensive care unit after falling backward from his sitting position on the closed tailgate of a pickup truck that was accelerating…

Look Behind

As we take steps forward into the unknown, our progress is shaky. We tend to look ahead into the darkness and become discouraged by what we don’t know. But we also need to look behind and be encouraged by how far we’ve come.

We ARE Worthwhile

We already ARE worthwhile. Doing more good doesn't prove that. Doing good is simply an expression of our worth.

Nobody Understands Me

“People don’t understand me.” I’ve heard those words spoken more times than I can count, almost always with a tone of victimhood and self-righteousness. So let’s examine this oft-repeated statement. First, is it true that people…

True Greatness

True greatness is not being better than someone else. It’s being better than you were yesterday.

Your Life

You are in command of a great and powerful ship—your life—but if your greatest goal is safety, you’ll never leave port, and your ship will be useless.


There is a certain degree of uncertainty in almost everything we do—unknown and uncontrollable variables abound in even the simplest circumstances—but the real problem with this condition is that we’ve come to equate uncertainty with FEAR.…

Just Do Stuff

Without sufficient Real Love, our lives can only be an endless series of choices made from a place of emptiness and fear. We can’t act from who we are. We act from pain, as though we were nothing more than automatic reflexes—blind and mindless.…

Real Confidence

The world falsely believes that confidence comes from competence, but that kind of confidence disappears with mistakes. Real confidence comes from knowing exactly who we are.

True Safety

We’ve all been taught the lie that if we perform well enough, all will be well. But true safety comes from trusting in love and in knowing who we really are without fear.