The Safety of Law

Charles was talking to me about what he’d read in Real Love. “I like most of it, but there are some things I don’t agree with.” “Like what?” I asked. “You say that anger is always wrong, and I’m not sure I agree with that.” “What…

The Past

Most of us hang on to the past for comfort and stability, like an anchor in a storm, but usually that anchor drags us to the bottom of the sea.

There’s No Fire in the River

Years ago I read about a fire on the Great Plains that consumed thousands of acres of grass. Two people thought they were doomed by the circling flames, until they ran to the bank of a river and jumped in. Swimming to the middle, they found…


The world is virtually ruled by fear. It is fear that lies at the root of all anger, hatred, racism, conflict, and even war. Fear is the cause of the majority of mental illness and a large portion of physical illness. Fear determines so much…