How We Avoid Responsibility (Video Clip)

Not realizing how we avoid responsibility in our interactions with each other destroys our opportunities for genuine happiness.

The Surprising Ways We Train Our Children

Susanne called me and described how angry her two teenage boys were. They fought her constantly, used abusive language toward her, and turned every meal into a brawl. She, her husband, and her sons were all quite miserable. When she asked…
The Tantrum - Real Love Blog

The Tantrum

Melanie and Ray were like many parents I've known. They had no experience with unconditional love, so they couldn't give it to their son, Bradley, who was twenty years old at the time I first met them. And they couldn't teach him to be accountable…
A Child's Fantasy - Real Love Blog

A Child's Fantasy

A man called me to describe a conversation he'd just had with his five-year-old daughter: Father: Good morning. Child: I had a dream. Father: Oh? What did you dream about? Child: I dreamed that I was an adult. Father: What did you do…
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Responsibility To Take Action

Find unconditional love for yourself and then learn how to share that love with the people in your life by reading Real Love for Wise Men and Women here.

Who's Responsible for a Hurricane?

The burden of guilt in our lives is unspeakably oppressive--and so confusing. Our society is utterly obsessed with who's at fault. Who can we blame? After a murder, for example, far more effort and publicity are devoted to catching and punishing…