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Just Reach Out

Reach out and connect with others who are learning to find and feel Real Love—here:
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The Greatest Gift

Watch The Essentials of Real Love DVDs and follow along with the exercises in the accompanying Workbook to learn how to find and share the greatest gift possible—Real Love. "I've read all the books and heard all the great speakers, but…

Only Compassion

Discover "The Truth About Finding Unconditional Love and Fulfilling Relationships" by reading or listening to Real Love. "I honestly can't think of a human being on the planet that ought not read this book ASAP! It's that good and much needed…

How Do You Tell People About Real Love?

If you'd like help practicing talking about Real Love with others just like you, join in on a Free Real Love Conference Call here:

The Brush Of Heaven

Or we can believe that all the world is no more than an extension of the mosquito bite we’re presently scratching. Transform your life, relationships, and the way you see the world by reading or listening to Real Love today:
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There are many people who keep expanding the drama in their lives until you find yourself onstage in their crazy play. You do not have to accept the invitation to play a part. Choose to stay in the audience, or—often better—to calmly walk…
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Why Partnerships Fail

We find partners in the hope that they will heal our wounds and make us happy. But they are not equipped to do that, and when we discover this—which we refused to see from the beginning—our partnerships fail. Learn how to have the unconditionally…
A Poke In The Eye - Real Love Blog
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A Poke In The Eye

Dan was irritated that Cheryl was "constantly" offering him advice about a great many things. "But I'm just trying to help," Cheryl said. "He's always doing stuff, or making decisions, without all the information he needs, and I'm just trying…
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Experience a life filled with unconditional love (Real Love) by reading or listening to Real Love here:
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Without Sufficient Real Love

Watching two people without sufficient Real Love as they interact in a relationship is like watching two ticks trying to suck blood from each other. Find Real Love for yourself and learn how to have the fulfilling relationships you've always…


Find Real Love for yourself and then learn how to share it with others by reading Real Love for Wise Men and Women.
Be The Kipuka - Real Love Blog
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Be the Kipuka

A man called me and described a virtual firestorm at home. His wife was upset, his son had wrecked the car, and so on. He wanted to know how to handle all these problems. "You could chase problems 'til you were dead," I said. "So don't chase.…
The Roots Are Not Personal - Real Love Blog
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The Roots Are Not Personal

A few days ago it rained hard and long, causing water to accumulate in puddles here and there on our property. In one area of the woods, the water was three to four feet deep, so I decided to dig a drainage ditch from this small pond to the…
Do Not Speak - Real Love Blog
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Do Not Speak

If you’re feeling disappointed or irritated, do NOT speak—ever. NOTHING you say will make up for the damage your feelings will cause—to yourself and to the other person. Find and fill up with Real Love, and then learn how to lovingly…
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Separated From the Herd

While watching a documentary about American bison, I saw an adult female separated from the herd and killed by a pack of wolves. Although this isolated her calf—less than a year old but already more than three hundred pounds—the herd accepted…
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Time Means Nothing

We talk about the importance of time in “getting to know” people. But time means nothing. It’s only with trust and honesty that we really become intimately connected. Learn how to have fulfilling relationships by listening to "The Truth…
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Marriage—The Tomb of Love?

"Marriage is the tomb of love." (Giovanni Giacomo Casanova) Sadly, this is too often the case, but it need not be so. Get your Free Report "Real Love Marriage Tips — 5 Guaranteed Steps To A Marriage You Will Love".
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Grabbing Balloons with Scissors

Recently I helped prepare for a bridal shower—my first such experience—and I was surprised to learn how much work goes into one of these affairs. For days I cut ribbons, made decorations, ran errands, blew up balloons, nodded my head in…


People who tell you their woes are not expressing their trust in you. When they listen to you tell the truth about their victimhood, THAT is trusting. Learn more about the joy of freeing yourself and others from the chains of victimhood by…
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Why Do We Marry Our Parents?

Recently I spoke with Mark, who described his mother in rather unflattering terms: critical, controlling, nagging, ungrateful. After a couple of minutes I said, "It sounds like you don't enjoy being around your mother much." "No, I really…
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When Not To Speak

When we speak while we’re feeling unloved, all that comes out are the unbridled and contorted expressions of our pain. On these occasions, it’s far better not to speak, except to those who can see and love us. If you need someone who…