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Why Do I Sometimes Act So Badly?

Christine called, and I could almost feel her shaking her head. "I just do not understand," she said, "why I treat James so badly sometimes. Everything is fine for a while, and then I blow up at him. Later, when I look back, what he did to provoke…
You Are So Mean - Real Love Blog

You Are So Mean

Stephanie called me to say that her 14-year-old daughter, Lee Ann, was out of control: angry, sexually promiscuous, having problems in school, and more. Questions revealed that Stephanie had felt unloved all her life, and she had reacted to…
Father,son and grandfather fishing

A Parent

Find someone who can love you unconditionally and show you what a true parent is, by visiting our Loving People To Talk To page here:

Being A Parent

With Real Love in Parenting, you can learn how to be the parent you've always wanted to be. "I was at my wits' end. I did not know how to help my children. But now I do. Real Love in Parenting has given me everything I was missing as a p…
A Crystal Ball - Real Love Blog

A Crystal Ball

Ten years ago I began to regularly visit Brenda, a widow. Of her six adult children, five would have nothing to do with her—one of whom was in prison for trying to kill her—and one, Audrey, spoke to her only when she wanted money to buy…
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A Real Love Merry Christmas Message From An Adorable Teenager

A Merry Christmas message from an adorable teenager who is expressing her miraculous heart and feelings about Real Love.
The Wounds of "Love" - Real Love Blog

The Wounds of "Love"

Years ago I talked with Kristine, who told me that one of her two sons was using drugs and was in trouble with the law, while her daughter was in a terrible relationship. She had also recently divorced her husband, who had numerous affairs.…
I Just Don't Remember - Real Love Blog

I Just Don't Remember

A woman wrote to me: "My adult son has been distant from me for many years. After I learned about Real Love, I made contact with him, hoping to heal the wounds he obviously has. But I got more than I bargained for. "I just about lost…

The Encouraging Word

"Real Love in Parenting has given me everything I was missing as a parent." Discover 9 Simple and Powerfully Effective Principles for Raising Happy and Responsible Children.

Use Your Words

Every day I see or hear about children who speak with anger—even rage—at their parents, usually about something they didn’t get or about a parent’s instructions to do something they didn’t want to do. We have become so accustomed to…
Are You Drowning Your Children? - Real Love Blog
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Are You Drowning Your Children?

Cynthia called me and described a family in crisis. Her husband was miserable, their marriage was falling apart, and her children were in various states of anger, rebellion, and withdrawal. After listening to her complaints for a while—and…
What Do You Think? - Real Love Blog

What Do You Think?

Best Way to Help Children Learn From Their Mistakes After I'd been working in the backyard for a couple of hours with my nine-year-old grandson, Brad, his seven-year-old sister, Megan, came out to help us. Because Brad had already learned how…
True Listening - Real Love Blog

True Listening

True listening means focusing entirely on the other person—their words, their fears, their needs. Learn how to listen to and unconditionally love others by reading Real Love for Wise Men and Women.
The Lies That Will Not Die - Real Love Blog
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The Lies That Will Not Die

Everywhere I go I see people crippled by a low opinion of themselves—everywhere, as though it were a communicable disease. Is that true for you? When you screw up, for example, do you feel painfully guilty? Excessive guilt—sometimes called…
How to Pick Up a Goose—and Raise Your Children - Real Love Blog

How to Pick Up a Goose—and Raise Your Children

I've heard thousands of stories about how people raise their children. On the one end are the parents who are strict and controlling. They suffer the delusion that if somehow they grip hard enough, their children will not fall. At the other…
When "love" dies - Real Love Blog
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When "Love" Dies

Real Love in a relationship almost never dies. When “love” dies, almost invariably it never existed in the first place. Nobody brought it to the relationship. Learn how to create the loving, lasting, fulfilling relationships you've always…

The Good Germs

In the past thirty years, asthma rates in children have doubled—with one in ten children suffering from this disorder. A recent study, however—published by the New England Journal of Medicine—discovered that kids who grow up on farms are…
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Why Do We Marry Our Parents?

Recently I spoke with Mark, who described his mother in rather unflattering terms: critical, controlling, nagging, ungrateful. After a couple of minutes I said, "It sounds like you don't enjoy being around your mother much." "No, I really…
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Teaching the Teacher

For years the following piece has been circulated on the Internet as a true story. In fact, it is a short story written many years ago by Elizabeth Silance Ballard, but it is no less powerful for being fictional: As she stood in front of…

A Tale of Two Mothers and Their Adult Children

Belinda had never been loved, so she had no idea how to love and teach her son, who was 25 at the time I talked to her. Her son tried a few college courses and various jobs, but for the past couple of years he’d lived in the basement, playing…
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If you think you know something about patience, you have no children. "I was at my wits' end. I did not know how to help my children. But now I do. Real Love in Parenting has given me everything I was missing as a parent." Read or listen…