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Real Love Has Made My Life Worse

Mark had read the book Real Love and attended several Real Love groups. He called me and said, "Real Love has ruined my life." "How so?" I asked. "I feel worse about myself, and my marriage is worse than ever." After asking a few questions,…

Fatal Distractions

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."  (Matthew 19:24) Often the distractions of Imitation Love—the “riches” of the world—are truly fatal. Don't be fooled by…

Through The Eyes Of Love

“Many eyes go through the meadow, but few see the flowers in it.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson) With love, all the world is filled with flowers; without it, the landscape is bleak and the burden unbearable. Find Real Love and start experiencing…

Truly Alive

We can live every moment of our lives surrounded by the infinite and drinking it to the cells of our souls, or we can close our eyes and miss the entire miracle available to us. It’s a conscious choice, and it’s not complicated. We might…
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Truth, Love, Relationships

On the whole, anything you can measure is not the problem in your life—time, money, power, position—nor will it make your happy. What matters are the unmeasurable things—truth, love, relationships.

Love and the Price of the Perfect Diamond

There was once a man whose life's ambition was to find the largest perfect diamond in the world. He spent decades in pursuit of his goal, not only looking for the diamond but also amassing a fortune large enough so that he could afford to buy…

The Cultivation of Real Love

For years I have cultivated acres of gardens in my backyard, and in the process I have discovered that certain patches of ground have been more resistant to my guiding hand than others. Throughout the yard there is considerable variation in…

Sacrifice Required

If you truly want to become loving and happy, you must be willing to sacrifice everything that interferes with that goal, which is usually everything you thought you knew and all your accustomed behaviors. That seems like a big sacrifice until…
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Dating and The Broken Leg

The other day I got a call from a woman, Shelley, who described her relationship with a man she was living with, a man who alternated between being emotionally abusive and emotionally cold and withdrawn. She responded with all the Getting and…
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Four Hundred Pounds

I really enjoy eating—who doesn’t?—but I have a tendency to indulge this appetite more than I should. As we began preparation for an upcoming television series, I realized that I had to prepare for not only the emotional and language…
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The Truth About Disapproval and Love

We take it personally when people disapprove of us, but the truth is that they are revealing only their own inability to love us unconditionally.

Your Daily Inspiration

You are as close to Real Love as your mobile device. Do you like pictures? Would you rather watch a video message?  Do you prefer to read? There’s something for you. Try them all, they’re free. Keep the ones that fit. Feel great about…

The Sinking Sands

I once enjoyed a hike in the vast Arabian Desert. I had never seen so much sand. Everywhere I looked there was sand, punctuated here and there by a wisp of vegetation or a passing camel or two. On many occasions I have observed people behave…

The Illusion of Safety

As soon as we're willing to give up the illusion of safety in order to pursue genuine happiness, we begin to have a chance for success. Learn more about the illusion of safety by reading or listening to Real Love.  

An Asteroid is About to Impact, So Why Are We All Smiling?

I watched a talk from 2012 by Jonathan Haidt about our regrettable tendency as humans to unite in our efforts mostly when we share a common threat. If a large asteroid, for example, were hurtling toward the earth, every nation and business and…
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The Price of Being Right

One evening my wife, Donna, and I were ordering dinner at a restaurant when my eye was drawn to a beautifully illustrated insert that served to introduce a few new dishes on the menu. I was especially drawn to one of the photographs, which displayed…
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I Just Realized I'm the Pig

Dear Greg, “This weekend I visited my parents, and I saw some things I had never noticed. I picked up some trash from the back seat of the car, and when my father saw me on my way into the house to throw it away, he attempted to make it…
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Those Unspeakable Words

“Stupid.”“Idiot.” “Moron.” All our lives great shivers of fear have run up and down our spines when these terrible words have reached our ears, and we’ve gone to enormous lengths to avoid their being directed at us. It’s…
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The Gordian Knot

According to legend, in the ancient Phrygian city of Gordium—in what is now part of modern day Turkey—there once a memorial to a king, Midas, son of Gordias. Curiously, this memorial consisted of a cart whose shaft was fastened to a post…

The Unhappiness We Settle For

When people become acquainted with the principles of Real Love, and as they persist in living them, they invariably find a level of happiness they had never known. Many of them then ask me this question: “Why doesn’t everyone embrace…

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