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Truth and Love

What you want most is Real Love. But before you can believe that people actively care about your happiness, you need to know that they accept you. You can't know that people accept you as you really are unless you know that they see who you…

Sharing Real Love–an Example

Recently I received the following letter from a woman: "Several months ago I began to read Real Love books, as many as I could find. I was stunned that such a revolutionary view of life could have been hidden from me all my life. I realized…

The Dangers of Duty

While I was in Beijing, China, I observed a long wall that was covered with twenty-four large murals. I asked my Chinese companion about the meaning of the scenes, and she said they illustrated traditional Chinese values regarding the duty…
What does real love look like?

What Does Real Love Look Like?

As a principle alone, Real Love is transformational. As I have taught the definition and nature of Real Love to people all around the world, I have been impressed with how they have lit up with understanding. As they have realized the role of…
Recognizing Real Love

What Is Real Love?

Learn how to recognize Real Love. Watch as Greg answers "What Is Real Love?" from his Top Ten Questions on YouTube and transform YOUR life today.  

What If My Partner Refuses to Practice Real Love? (Video Clip)

In some relationships, only one partner chooses to practice Real Love. On many occasions, that can still work—depending on the Key.

What We Know—Or Don’t Know

In philosophy, science, and business, there has long been a diagram drawn of four quadrants of knowledge, which have been discussed by many a classroom of students. They include: #1: What we know that we know. I know, for example, that 2+2=4.…

Real Love Has Made My Life Worse

Mark had read the book Real Love and attended several Real Love groups. He called me and said, "Real Love has ruined my life." "How so?" I asked. "I feel worse about myself, and my marriage is worse than ever." After asking a few questions,…

Fatal Distractions

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." (Matthew 19:24) Often the distractions of Imitation Love—the “riches” of the world—are truly fatal. Don't be fooled by…

Through The Eyes Of Love

“Many eyes go through the meadow, but few see the flowers in it.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson) With love, all the world is filled with flowers; without it, the landscape is bleak and the burden unbearable. Find Real Love and start experiencing…

Both Sides of Fabric Softener

Many years ago my wife, Donna, asked me, “How soft do you like your towels?” I think of myself as a big, tough guy, who can run a chain saw in each of both hands, but who wants a nasty, scratchy towel? So I said, “Really soft.” Within…

Light and Dark

There is no battle between light and dark. Dark is simply where the light hasn't reached yet. Similarly, there is no battle between love and hate, only love and places where love has not yet flourished.

What are the Best Techniques in Real Love? (Video Clip)

Real Love is a genuine decision, feeling, and behavior. There is no technique that can successfully simulate such love for long.

Home on the Range

Music: “Home On the Range” Lyrics: Garth Hammond Oh, give me a home where Love is shown Where the choices and consequences agree Where seldom is heard a discouraging word And the Lies are not told all day Home, home is not strange When…

A Real Love Lullaby

Recently I received this from a member of the website: On one of the Real Love Parenting Facebook groups there was a discussion about writing children's music using basic RL ideas. I wrote a simple lullaby using "The Five Truths". My…

It’s Important to Know What Real Love is Not (Video Clip)

In the process of understanding what Real Love is, it can help a lot to know what it is NOT.

Truth and Love Give Us Choices

Once a boulder begins rolling down a steep hill, it’s not CHOOSING to fall. It’s just reacting, and that’s exactly how most of us live. The TRUTH and love make the ground level and give us choices.

There is No Calculus

One day I was talking to an electrical engineer, and he was disputing the existence of unconditional love. “Impossible,” he said. “Nobody can love unconditionally.” “Have you ever FELT loved unconditionally?” I asked. “No,…

Without Love

No matter how smart, clever, and productive you are, without love you become like a brilliantly designed race car without any fuel in the tank.
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What is Real Love? (Video Clip)

Would you like a simple, clear definition of Real Love for yourself and that you can share with others?