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What is the Purpose of Real Love Groups? (Video Clip)

Real Love Groups exist for the purpose of providing people an opportunity to tell the truth about themselves and to feel seen, accepted, and loved.

Attacked in Group!

Sylvia wrote to me, “Last night in our Real Love Group one person, Mike, directly attacked another person in the group, Brenda. It was a big display of anger and yelling. The whole group was affected. It triggered many people's PCSD issues.…

Real Love Group Guidelines

Guidelines for Real Love groups have been written by a number of people and groups. Sometimes they’re confusing, sometimes too long, sometimes just wrong, sometimes well done. Following are some guidelines that I believe will be useful as…

Talking or Doing

I have spoken to hundreds of organizations. Almost uniformly, the leader and many members of the organization have said something like, "Wow, this is some powerful message. We need to do this." But then nothing happens. In order to effect real…