Those Dam Problems

In our backyard is a man-made lake, which was created by making an earthen dam on our side of the water. We also have beavers in the backyard, which make homes by burrowing into the dam. In the past, I trapped the beavers–or hired a trapper–because…

They Are Not The Problem

Lisa called to tell me that her supervisors at work were terribly unfair. They were blocking her advanced certification in one specialty skill, they were not answering her e-mails, and they treated her differently from other employees. She could…
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The Solution

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Solve the Problem

Every day I hear from people who are complaining about interactions with other people. They complain about their bosses, their employees, their partners, too much sex, too little sex, household chores, children, strict teachers, lax teachers,…

Same Stories

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Lovingly Take One Step

No matter how difficult a problem might be, when we lovingly take one step after another, we will accomplish what we wish.

The Solution

Often the solution to our problems is not to work harder, but simply to see them differently.

Understand the Real Problem

If you keep having the same problem, you don’t understand what the real problem is.


When a hurricane is coming, you don’t picnic on the beach, and you’re not a coward if you leave and move inland. It’s the same with situations and people. If you know you’ll be overwhelmed by them, it’s not cowardice to get away from…

Climbing the Eiger

In Switzerland there's a mountain called The Eiger, which rises more than 13,000 feet above sea level. It's a popular mountain for climbers, but it's also quite dangerous, having claimed dozens of lives over the years. One of the dangers of…

Watering the Fish

Joel came to me and said that his business was failing, his marriage was shaky, and the relationship with his children was strained. He was twisted in knots. "You're not seeing the central problem," I said. "Which is?" he asked. "You're…

The Roots Are Not Personal

A few days ago it rained hard and long, causing water to accumulate in puddles here and there on our property. In one area of the woods, the water was three to four feet deep, so I decided to dig a drainage ditch from this small pond to the…

So Many Tools--Responding to Conflict, Anger, Marriage Problems, and More

We've had an unusually cold winter here in Georgia. In the past twenty-five years, for example, the two outside faucets have never frozen, but this year both pipes extending from the house to the faucets froze and cracked. I repaired the pipes,…

Life is So Hard — Or is It?

“Life is hard.” “Life is pain.” How many times have we heard these words? And there’s the bumper sticker that reads, “Life’s a bitch, and then you die.” In the course of our lives, we certainly are presented with experiences…

The Cotton Candy Tree

Many years ago I was out in the garden pulling weeds with a couple of our children. At one point my son Joseph asked, “Dad, what makes something a weed?” I thought that was pretty insightful, especially since none of his siblings had…