Genuine Safety is Found only in NOT Protecting Ourselves (Video Clip)

When we’re afraid, we naturally pick up weapons to protect ourselves, but never has that resulted in happiness. We have to bury our weapons to feel truly safe.

Extraordinary Wisdom

When you can be profoundly content with the present moment, while always seeking to improve yourself, you have achieved an extraordinary wisdom.

Simply Take the Next Step

Do not look toward a goal of perfection—a formula for certain disappointment and discouragement. Simply continue to take the next step, and in the process you will find peace and power and wonder.

A Symphony

As I walk in the woods, I can hear a great number of sounds—squirrels scurrying, wind whistling, leaves rustling, waves lapping in the stream. But I don’t have to investigate or analyze each one. It would be endlessly distracting. Rather,…

What's Required

We state a desire to acquire qualities like love and patience, and then we beg the heavens to remove the very challenges required to gain those qualities.

Enjoy Every Loving, Learning Moment

We cannot see the unspeakable glory of our destination, so why worry about it? Just keep moving forward as you enjoy every loving, learning moment.

The Presence of Love

The absence of conflict is not peace. The absence of weakness is not strength. What we seek is not an absence of pain or error but the presence of love, which heals, fills, and empowers us.

So Much Noise

Around people there is usually a great deal of noise—shouting, honking, loud music, commentators on television, bombs exploding on video games, and words machine-gunned from mouths in every direction. Why all the fuss? We make noise because…


It’s almost impossible to know what real peace is until you have it. You can't work for it, or try harder to capture it. You just keep taking one step at a time toward love until one day you realize you’re surrounded by peace.

The Step

Life presents an unending series of choices. They never end, and most of us worry about them. What if I make a mistake? What step should I take ten steps from now? How do I do this perfectly? Am I taking steps fast enough? We worry ourselves…

What Have You Got to Lose?

Some people simply cannot imagine the existence of Real Love. They’ve never seen it. In their disbelief, they refuse to investigate the possibility. Others reject Real Love because they sense that some degree of vulnerability might be required…

There’s No Fire in the River

Years ago I read about a fire on the Great Plains that consumed thousands of acres of grass. Two people thought they were doomed by the circling flames, until they ran to the bank of a river and jumped in. Swimming to the middle, they found…

Hurricane Sandy

With the approach of Hurricane Sandy over the past few days, all of the weather channels and websites were filled with information about how to prepare for its arrival. Because we live in Maryland, directly in the storm's projected path, we…

World Peace

One day I was involved in a discussion about what people wanted most, and a friend said, "I want world peace." Only because I knew this person well, I said, "And how would that happen? A generous sprinkling of peace dust?" Smiling, he…

Avoiding Death in the Twin Towers

I try to read a newspaper or a magazine every day. I do that in order to keep somewhat current about the events that surround us and to pick up threads about what some of the best minds in the world are thinking. I also have an opportunity —…