Hands cupped holding the word LOVE in a cloud

Anger Never Works As Well As Loving

What's Really Happening When Anger Seems to Work Last week I posted a blog about establishing a personal zero tolerance for anger. Click here to read that blog. I should have anticipated—but did not—a question that would naturally follow…
A hand receiving an electrical shock with the words. The real causes of personal pain

PTSD in Half a Second

The Real Causes of Personal Pain and Confusion Most of us have been injured emotionally literally thousands of times. We can't even remember the most important ones, the real causes of personal pain and confusion. Those occurred when…
Freedom and Joy

Pulling Plugs from the Wall

When I was a child, every time I unplugged an electrical device–if either of my parents was in the room–I heard the words, "Don't pull it out by the cord." This meant that I had to reach down between the couch and the wall, for example,…

Misplaced Shame

I spoke with a woman, Darlene, who was always unhappy. I learned that when she was a child, about ages eight through twelve, she had been sexually abused by her father, cousin, and uncle. She said her father had sex with her "only once," and…

The Wounds of "Love"

Years ago I talked with Kristine, who told me that one of her two sons was using drugs and was in trouble with the law, while her daughter was in a terrible relationship. She had also recently divorced her husband, who had numerous affairs.…

Facing Opposition

You CAN heal the pain of the past and grow your new, stronger feathers and start living the joyous life you deserve by reading Real Love and PCSD here.  

Oil Spill

We tend to accept how we were raised as normal, no matter how pathologic it might have been. An oil spill is unremarkable in a pool of oil.

It’s Not Your Fault

George hung his head as he told me about his life: he was abandoned as a child, raised by an aunt, taught nothing of social skills, became an accomplished and fairly wealthy professional, married an angry and controlling woman, endured a nightmare…

The Most Serious Problem on the Planet

What I’ll be describing to you in this book is the most serious problem on the planet—while also being the least recognized. Remember scurvy and its eventual cure with Vitamin C. It’s important to realize that although Vitamin C is commonplace…

You Are So Mean

Stephanie called me to say that her 14-year-old daughter, Lee Ann, was out of control: angry, sexually promiscuous, having problems in school, and more. Questions revealed that Stephanie had felt unloved all her life, and she had reacted to…