Old Patterns

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You Are So Mean - Real Love Blog

You Are So Mean

Stephanie called me to say that her 14-year-old daughter, Lee Ann, was out of control: angry, sexually promiscuous, having problems in school, and more. Questions revealed that Stephanie had felt unloved all her life, and she had reacted to…
Do You Hear What I Hear? - Real Love Blog

Do You Hear What I Hear?

One night as I was talking in my driveway with a friend from New York City, he said, "What is that sound? I can hardly hear myself think." I had no idea what he was talking about. "What sound?" I asked. As he described the noise, I realized…


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Fix The Foundation

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Healing Balm Of Love

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Obey The Laws Of Happiness

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A Crystal Ball

Ten years ago I began to regularly visit Brenda, a widow. Of her six adult children, five would have nothing to do with her—one of whom was in prison for trying to kill her—and one, Audrey, spoke to her only when she wanted money to buy…
The Wounds of "Love" - Real Love Blog

The Wounds of "Love"

Years ago I talked with Kristine, who told me that one of her two sons was using drugs and was in trouble with the law, while her daughter was in a terrible relationship. She had also recently divorced her husband, who had numerous affairs.…

Facing Opposition

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Who We Really Are

When we look in the mirror, only rarely do we see who we really are. Instead we see our accumulated responses to pain, which cover up who we really are. Free yourself from the pain of the past and uncover the REAL you by reading Real Love…
Are You Drowning Your Children? - Real Love Blog
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Are You Drowning Your Children?

Cynthia called me and described a family in crisis. Her husband was miserable, their marriage was falling apart, and her children were in various states of anger, rebellion, and withdrawal. After listening to her complaints for a while—and…
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Choose Now

The pain of our past can be eliminated only by our choices in the present. The future is often nothing but a continuation of our choices in the present. The present is all we have, so we might consider focusing entirely on what we choose to…
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Healing and Pain

Over the years I've done a great deal of manual labor in my backyard: planting, cutting down trees, splitting wood, hauling boulders, digging ditches, and the like. I didn't realize that in the process I was damaging my shoulders, and eventually…

It’s Just Two Squirrels

The other day I was looking out a window and suddenly experienced double vision. Medically speaking, this is generally not a good sign, so I looked more closely. I then realized that two nearly identical squirrels were running at the same speed…

The Most Serious Problem on the Planet

What I’ll be describing to you in this book is the most serious problem on the planet—while also being the least recognized. Remember scurvy and its eventual cure with Vitamin C. It’s important to realize that although Vitamin C is commonplace…