Surviving Keeps Us from Living (Video Clip)

We all hide our pain in different ways. Whatever we do to survive that pain, keeps us from really living. Thrive! Don't just survive! Talk with Real Love Coaches on a Free Conference Call here. Do you want…

We Cling to the Justifications of Our Anger

We cling to the justifications of our anger with a desperate stubbornness, because otherwise we’d have to deal with the overwhelming pain that underlies it. Break the cycles of expectation and disappointment that make your life so hard.…
A picture of Mt. Everest with the title "I'm Shivering on Mt. Everest"

I'm Shivering on Mt. Everest

A couple called me and described their family. The two of them often bitterly quarreled. The children were in various kinds of trouble at school and otherwise. Not infrequently, the father hit his children and his wife. This was a family in…

Less Pain Is Not Happiness

Living with a High Level of Emotional Pain   Almost all the people you talk to are experiencing a fairly high level of emotional pain. They have little to no experience with feeling unconditionally loved. That lack of love guarantees…
A hand receiving an electrical shock with the words. The real causes of personal pain

PTSD in Half a Second

The Real Causes of Personal Pain and Confusion Most of us have been injured emotionally literally thousands of times. We can't even remember the most important ones, the real causes of personal pain and confusion. Those occurred when…
Hands holding light on a black background

Look for the Pain

People in Pain Almost every person alive is suffering from an unspoken and mostly unrealized pain that bubbles right under the surface. They hide it, but if anything difficult happens, they can no longer contain the pain. Then out it comes–often…

Frightened by the Pain of Others

Learn how to understand and accept your own pain so that you won't be afraid of it anymore. Lose the fear of your pain and be free to love. Listen to Real Love and Post Childhood Stress Disorder today.
Stealing Love

Stealing Love

Margaret arrived at my home with her husband, Blake. Over the course of their twelve years together, she had emotionally shared herself in inappropriate ways—frequent texting, sharing of deep feelings, phone calls, furtive hugs and kisses,…
Freedom from Fear, Guilt and Pain2018

Freedom from Fear and Guilt and Pain

Sandy came to my house and said, "I don't know if I even want to try anymore." "What do you mean?" I asked. "Some days I'm not sure I even want to live. I feel like I have a weight on my shoulders all the time--an unbearable weight." There…
Tears of hope preceded by tears of fear and pain.

Tears of Hope

Don't let the pain, fear and futility of life's unwanted events stop you from being happy and loved. Find out how to fill your whole life, all the good and all the bad, with hope, peace and happiness by listening to Real Love.

The Blessings of Pain

Oh, how we hate being in pain. Pain is the great nemesis, the most feared and consistent motivator on the planet. It is our interest in avoiding or decreasing our pain that controls our choice of partners, activities, addictions, and more. What…

Addictions are a Response to Pain (Video Clip)

We become addicted to anything that temporarily decreases our pain.
Less pain, not truth

Less Pain, Not Truth

Watch this clip and understand how your pain is making it difficult for you to really know the truth.

Dilute the Pain—But with What?

A kind friend sent me this mythical story, which teaches much when viewed from a certain perspective. An aging master grew tired of his apprentice's complaints. One morning, he sent him to get some salt. When the apprentice returned, the…
As we learn and grow

As We Learn and Grow

Learn and grow in happiness and peace. Start here with this free report: Secrets of a Happy Life

The Hole in the Door

For years Donna and I have been regularly associated with Rita, an elderly woman in town. Because of a lifetime of poor decisions, she can't work but subsists on a meager income from disability and social security. We assist her with shopping,…

The Source of Real Love (Video Clip)

People in pain will find a partner to love, hoping it will heal them but find out that they are still in pain. The real source of Real Love is simple, powerful and healing.

We Just Cheat

Not long ago I had my arthritic and painful right hip replaced by a titanium ball and a socket of plastic. Within a couple of days of the surgery, I began a program of physical rehabilitation (PT) designed to build up the muscles used around…

Put Out The Fire

Eliminate the stress in your life and start living the peaceful, happy life YOU deserve by watching "Eliminate FEAR To Learn Who You Are."

Why There is So Much Pain Everywhere (Video Clip)

Our inner personal pain can explode in a very large way.

Where True Youth Resides

Learn how to free yourself from the guilt, fear, and anger that have been weighing you down and start living the joyful life you deserve NOW by reading or listening to Real Love. "He rocked my foundation! Greg Baer touched me deeply. He's…