Freedom from Fear, Guilt and Pain2018

Freedom from Fear and Guilt and Pain

Sandy came to my house and said, "I don't know if I even want to try anymore." "What do you mean?" I asked. "Some days I'm not sure I even want to live. I feel like I have a weight on my shoulders all the time--an unbearable weight." There…
Tears of hope preceded by tears of fear and pain.

Tears of Hope

Don't let the pain, fear and futility of life's unwanted events stop you from being happy and loved. Find out how to fill your whole life, all the good and all the bad, with hope, peace and happiness by listening to Real Love.
Less pain, not truth

Less Pain, Not Truth

Watch this clip and understand how your pain is making it difficult for you to really know the truth.
As we learn and grow

As We Learn and Grow

Learn and grow in happiness and peace. Start here with this free report: Secrets of a Happy Life

The Hole in the Door

For years Donna and I have been regularly associated with Rita, an elderly woman in town. Because of a lifetime of poor decisions, she can't work but subsists on a meager income from disability and social security. We assist her with shopping,…

Put Out The Fire

Eliminate the stress in your life and start living the peaceful, happy life YOU deserve by watching "Eliminate FEAR To Learn Who You Are."
Where True Youth Resides - Real Love Blog - Greg Baer

Where True Youth Resides

Learn how to free yourself from the guilt, fear, and anger that have been weighing you down and start living the joyful life you deserve NOW by reading or listening to Real Love. "He rocked my foundation! Greg Baer touched me deeply. He's…

Don't Avoid Suffering

Do you need help turning suffering into strength and joy? Click here for a list of Certified Real Love Coaches and Wise Men who are eager to help you start living the joyful life YOU deserve. "Without Real Love I'd be a hot ball of mess…

Loving With Confidence

James called to tell me that two days before his six-year-old daughter, Sareah, had been playing outside and gotten a large splinter embedded in her finger. She wouldn't allow them to touch it, screaming bloody murder if they made any attempt…


Heal your pain from the past and move forward with the joyful life you deserve by reading Real Love and Post-Childhood Stress Disorder. "Dr. Greg Baer gave me what I’d been missing in 25 years as a therapist. He explained the powerful and…

Hold the Sky

I have a dear friend, Eileen, who tutors young children in a number of school subjects. She teaches a boy, Jonathan, who is presently getting chemotherapy for some kind of cancer. She asked him what it’s like when he’s getting the chemo. “It’s…

Real Confidence

Listen to these inspiring stories of a cop, a convict, a lawyer, a mother, a teacher, and many others who overcame fear, defeat, and pain, and transformed their lives with the power of Real Love. “This book has given me hope. If all these…
Bitten By A Rattlesnake—And I Lived - Real Love Blog

Bitten By A Rattlesnake—And I Lived

Kelly, age sixteen, was bitten by a rattlesnake while walking on her ranch in Arizona. She was rushed to the hospital and treated there for a week. Her leg became swollen, discolored, and quite painful, and for a month she couldn't walk without…

Fatal Distraction

"You do not want to miss out on these principles that will transform your life no matter what happened in your past." Liz Hale, Ph.D. Heal your past now by reading Real Love and PCSD here:
Lions and Tigers and Bears–Oh My!! - Real Love Blog

Lions And Tigers And Bears–Oh My!!

Carla called me, trembling, and said she had seen a spider in her house the day before, and for more than twenty-four hours she had been too frightened to move. I suggested that in the short term there were some things she might do to limit…

Which Do You Choose?

Learn how to choose love and happiness by downloading your Free Real Love Report "The Simple Secrets of a Happy Life and Fulfilling Relationships" here:

Bad Behaviors

Someone wrote on Facebook: “Behaviors are neither good nor bad. They just ‘are,’ and we choose them consciously or not.” It is SO tempting to believe that there are no “bad” behaviors. We WANT to believe this, but only because…
Climbing The Eiger - Real Love Blog

Climbing the Eiger

In Switzerland there's a mountain called The Eiger, which rises more than 13,000 feet above sea level. It's a popular mountain for climbers, but it's also quite dangerous, having claimed dozens of lives over the years. One of the dangers of…
Stretch Through The Pain - Real Love Blog
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Stretch Through The Pain

A few years ago I began to experience increasing pain in my left knee, with accumulation of fluid in the synovial space. When non-prescription, oral anti-inflammatory medication proved ineffective, I saw an orthopedist, who discovered that my…

Pain Is Information

The primary motivation of nearly every human being is to decrease pain. Understandable. Who likes to be in pain? But pain is INFORMATION. It tells us that something is WRONG, something that may injure or even consume us—something we need to…

Who We Really Are

When we look in the mirror, only rarely do we see who we really are. Instead we see our accumulated responses to pain, which cover up who we really are. Free yourself from the pain of the past and uncover the REAL you by reading Real Love…