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Wrong Perspective

Have fun learning—while feeling unconditionally loved and supported—by becoming a member of today:
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Success Requires Mistakes

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Accept Your Mistakes - Real Love Blog

Accept Your Mistakes

Discover how much fun it is to learn and grow—while feeling unconditionally loved—by becoming a member of today here:


You don't have to do it alone. Get the help of an entire community of people learning to find and feel unconditional love—just like you—by becoming a member of today here:

Real Courage

With Real Love, you can learn to see mistakes and failures simply as information and stepping stones to a happier life. Transform YOUR life into the happy life you deserve by reading or listening to Real Love here:


Instead of punishing yourself for making mistakes, discover how with Real Love you can turn those mistakes and failures into the happy, successful life you've always wanted. Start on your path to success by becoming a member of…


END the confusion in your life by reading or listening to Real Love: The Truth About Finding Unconditional Love and Fulfilling Relationships. "He rocked my foundation! Greg Baer touched me deeply. He's got the answer to finding happiness…

Make Mistakes Faster

You don't have to do it alone. Join in on a Free Real Love Conference Call with others telling the truth about their mistakes and learning to feel loved just like you. Click HERE for the daily Call schedule.
Tossing Wheat In The Air - Real Love Blog
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Tossing Wheat In The Air

As people come to me with their personal and relationship problems, one of the most recurring themes I hear is the desire to get more love from a particular person or group of people: "My husband never wants to spend time with me." "I really…
the wonder of it

The Wonder Of It

Feeling loved and peaceful is a miracle. Compared to merely surviving, it’s like waking up from the dead, and sometimes we need to pause and re-capture the wonder of it, instead of bemoaning our mistakes and what we don’t have. Discover…
How Good Are Your Steps? - Real Love Blog

How Good Are Your Steps?

Behind our house there's a lake that is contained by an eight-foot high earthen dike. In a couple of places I built a set of concrete block steps that made it possible for us to walk more easily up the side of the dike to the lake. The steps…
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Knowledge vs. Ability

Louis called me and said, "I just can't believe I keep doing this." "Doing what?" I asked. "I've read the marriage book. I've read several of the other Real Love books too, and I've been working at this for months now, but I keep getting…
There's No Single Recipe For Life - Real Love Blog
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There's No Single Recipe For Life

When I was a kid, nobody talked much about cooking. You just boiled, baked, fried, or peeled it, and then you ate it. But then Julia Child and others made cooking look fun, and a profusion of books and articles followed, along with an occasional…
Are You Drowning Your Children? - Real Love Blog
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Are You Drowning Your Children?

Cynthia called me and described a family in crisis. Her husband was miserable, their marriage was falling apart, and her children were in various states of anger, rebellion, and withdrawal. After listening to her complaints for a while—and…

Enjoy It All

All the pain in your life has made it possible for you to learn what you know now. What a waste of time it would be to regret that. Simply enjoy the fruits of your past experience and present wisdom. Start enjoying every moment of this amazing…

How We Learn and Grow the Most

Every day I talk to people who believe that they are unlovable. Why do they believe this? Because of the terrible decisions they have made in their lives. With all those mistakes, how could they possibly be lovable? All over the world, people…

Laugh At Your Mistakes

Until you can heartily laugh at your mistakes, you'll keep hiding them and thereby guarantee continuing them. Don't hide or even laugh alone. Join a Free Conference Call here and feel loved while you learn to laugh at your mistakes.

Mistakes are Necessary

"Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to error that counts." (Nikki Giovanni) We agonize over the very mistakes from which we grow. We might consider stopping that. Learn more about how to stop agonizing over mistakes here: Also…