Instead of punishing yourself for making mistakes, discover how with Real Love you can turn those mistakes and failures into the happy, successful life you've always wanted. Start on your path to success by becoming a member of…

All Those Mistakes

Jerry was doing his best to learn and apply the principles of Real Love, but one day he said to me, “I keep making stupid mistakes.” “Shocking,” I said with a smile. “What are you smiling about?” “That you feel bad. If…
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Tossing Wheat In The Air

As people come to me with their personal and relationship problems, one of the most recurring themes I hear is the desire to get more love from a particular person or group of people: "My husband never wants to spend time with me." "I really…

The Wonder Of It

Feeling loved and peaceful is a miracle. Compared to merely surviving, it’s like waking up from the dead, and sometimes we need to pause and re-capture the wonder of it, instead of bemoaning our mistakes and what we don’t have. Discover…

How Good Are Your Steps?

Behind our house there's a lake that is contained by an eight-foot high earthen dike. In a couple of places I built a set of concrete block steps that made it possible for us to walk more easily up the side of the dike to the lake. The steps…

Knowledge vs. Ability

Louis called me and said, "I just can't believe I keep doing this." "Doing what?" I asked. "I've read the marriage book. I've read several of the other Real Love books too, and I've been working at this for months now, but I keep getting…

There's No Single Recipe For Life

When I was a kid, nobody talked much about cooking. You just boiled, baked, fried, or peeled it, and then you ate it. But then Julia Child and others made cooking look fun, and a profusion of books and articles followed, along with an occasional…

I Play Music

Vladimir Horowitz was one of the greatest pianists of all time. He had an emotional, musical expression and clarity of technique that was distinctive. He was so good that when Sergei Rachmaninoff heard Horowitz play Rachmaninoff’s infamously…

Make Mistakes

I’d rather make mistakes with you than live in fear of making them.

Life is Good

Life is good. Mistakes are inevitable. Learning from them is a choice.

Mistakes Are Inevitable

Mistakes are inevitable. What matters is whether we admit them and learn from them.

Phrases That Mislead Part 2

In Real Love groups, conference calls, and other interactions, certain phrases have crept into use that are not consistent with the principles of Real Love, or that might cause confusion by their use. Recently I began a discussion of such phrases Phases…

Freedom to Learn from Mistakes

Because we have the freedom to choose, we also have the accompanying freedom to choose to be stupid. We need not feel bad about that, just learn from the mistakes.
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Starting Over

I have a friend who is a general contractor. On many occasions he’s been asked to provide an estimate for what it would cost to remodel a house or commercial building. He inspects the foundation, the walls, the plumbing, the wiring, and more,…

Lighten Up

Lighten up. We’re all just making mistakes together.

Acting From Fear

If you’re trying not to make a mistake, you’re already making one, because you’re acting from fear.

Making Mistakes

Making mistakes isn’t a problem. Denying them is.

Admit Your Mistakes

I talked today to a victim who refuses to tell the truth about herself, so now she’ll lose her marriage—not because of her mistakes but because she won’t admit them.

Laugh at Your Mistakes

Until you can laugh at your mistakes, you’ll be ashamed of them, you’ll hide them, and you’ll be more likely to repeat them.