Truth changes lives.


Every day I talk with people whose lives are riddled with fear and behaviors that make love impossible – either to give or receive. Almost invariably, they describe the actions of other people – or sometimes situations – that have CAUSED…

Stop Talking

Figure out the difference between the lies and the truth by listening to "The Truth About Love and Lies." "Wow!! I started listening to this audiobook in my car, and when I got home, I sat in the driveway for another hour and a half until…

Acting From Faith

We are ALWAYS acting from faith. The only question is what we have faith IN, which is demonstrated by every choice we make. When we’re angry, controlling, and complaining, we’re believing that this will make us happier. When we finally give…

Core Of Gold

Discover the REAL you by becoming a Member of today.

The Loud Voices

When I met Andrea, she was deep in a pit of unhappiness: alone, feeling worthless, unhappy in her marriage, and short-tempered and frustrated as a mother. I taught her how to find and share Real Love, and gradually she rose from the pit. She…

Eliminate Our Fear and Lies

When we eliminate our fear and lies—along with all that accompanies them—what remains is always beautiful.

The Long Line of Lies

All unhappiness is based on some lie or combination of lies, which I will illustrate shortly with examples. That sounds simple, so why don’t we just eliminate all the lies? Oh, there are many reasons: * Lies are everywhere. Some lies are…

The Price of Lies

When you buy the lies of the past, the price is to give up your happiness in the present.

Who We Are Not

We are not the sum of our opinions, although we demonstrate this mistaken belief by how strongly we insist on being right.

The Company Thief (Video Clip)

How can you deal with a difficult employee—like one who steals?


The most harmful lies of all are the ones we tell ourselves.


There are no lies more powerful or dangerous than the ones we tell ourselves.

Social Manners

Social manners often are a way for us to lie in a socially acceptable way.

So Many Sneaky Lies

After an intervention and many phone calls with Tonya, she wrote to say, “I realize now that my life has been crippled by a great many lies. Let me share some of them with you, along with the truths I have realized.” Below I will list the…


Most of us have been taught horrifying lies all our lives. For example: “The world is a harsh and painful place.” “We have to earn whatever acceptance and attention we get.” “If we make mistakes, we are less worthwhile.” Because…

How Do I Let Go?

Melissa was beside herself with frustration and exhaustion. She had taken responsibility for the happiness of her husband—now ex-husband—her children, her friends, and more. She was at a breaking point. She told me that her father had…

Lies of a Lifetime

Most of us would rather die protecting the lies of a lifetime than to simply discard them and embrace the truth.

The Future?

Every fear springs from a lie that we think we know what will happen in the future. We don’t.

STOP Talking

If you are feeling the slightest anxiety as you speak, it’s a virtual certainty that you are defending yourself. STOP talking and figure out the lies and the truth.

Pain is the Fruit of Lies

Love is real. Pain is real too, but it is FOUNDED on a belief in LIES. If we understood only what I just wrote, we’d be happy all the time, because we’d realize that pain exists only in a world of illusion. We can do something about…
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Finding Yourself

Nelson told me that he could hardly remember anything in his life from before the age of ten, nor did he have more than a handful of photographs of those forgotten years. “I feel like I had no childhood,” he said, “so maybe I just need…