It’s in the Delivery

I talked by Skype to John and Julie and asked them how they were doing. “All she ever does is criticize me,” he said, obviously unhappy. “Give me a specific example,” I said. John described how earlier that day she had come…
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The Behaviors That Trap Us

My home in the hills of north Georgia lies somewhere in the twilight between civilization and the wilds of the untamed woods. Although the front of the house faces a conventional street lined with homes, the backyard is filled with hundred-foot…
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Even when people use the word “you,” almost always they are talking about themselves. Learn more about understanding everyone's emptiness and loneliness and how to love them here:
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Old Age

Old age WILL happen to you, and HOW it happens will be determined by the loving or unloving choices you’ve made all your life. The time to prepare for that is right now. Read or listen to Real Love and be prepared to live a happy, peaceful…
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Create Love

It is the greatest alchemy in the universe that from suffering we can create love.   Read Real Love and learn how.
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Half a Bridge—and Finding Love

Years ago I drove by a bridge that had been built halfway across a river, and I asked a resident of the area for an explanation. He said that the bridge had been abandoned by the county for lack of constructions funds. Despite the investment…

Wake Up

"Life commences not with birth, but with the onslaught of awareness." (Frank Yerby) The vast majority of us never wake up to who we really are, and thus we are never truly alive. Read here and learn how to truly happy and alive! &…
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Emptiness and Acting Like A Child

I received a visit one day from a woman named Heidi who was quite unhappy with her husband. “I don’t like the way he talks to me. I don’t like the way he acts. Sometimes I just don’t like him. Period. I get so mad at him I could . .…