Keep loving

Keep Loving

Keep loving and find the love you need by talking to other loving people. Join a Free Conference Call with a Real Love coach here.
Love is a choice

Love is a Choice and a Feeling Freely Shared

Love is a choice and a feeling freely shared, at this season and always. Make the choice to fill your heart and life with unconditional love and freely share it – listen to Real Love today.

Live According to True and Loving Principles

Fill your life, your home, your world with true and loving principles this season and always. Listen to Real Love here.
Learning to love

Muscle Memory

My son Joseph is a professional singer and dancer. I've watched him perform on many occasions, and frankly I'm baffled at how he can move expertly around the stage for an entire number with apparent ease. Each show comprises hundreds of individual…
Build your foundation on a rock.

Build On A Rock

Make sure your foundations are built on the rock of Real Love. Read or listen to Real Love today.
You're Learning and growing.

You're Learning and Growing

Keep learning and growing. Dive into the Real Love book list and read or listen and learn more today!
How to be happy.

The Degree to Which You Will Be Happy

Read Real Love and Freedom for the Soul. Learn how to lay down your unloving behaviors and be open to feeling and sharing love.
Nothing wrong with being crazy.

Nothing Wrong with Being Crazy

Know and love yourself and others better. Learn how by listening to Real Love.
As we learn and grow

As We Learn and Grow

Learn and grow in happiness and peace. Start here with this free report: Secrets of a Happy Life

Share Real Love with Others

You CAN share Real Love with others! Learn how in Real Love for Wise Men and Women.
faith and courage

Faith and Courage May Be Required in Practicing Real Love

Sometimes practicing Real Love requires faith and courage. Watch this video to see what loving looks like. Then share this and your love with someone.
What does real love look like?

What Does Real Love Look Like?

As a principle alone, Real Love is transformational. As I have taught the definition and nature of Real Love to people all around the world, I have been impressed with how they have lit up with understanding. As they have realized the role of…
Find Real Love instead of Faking It
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Find Real Love

“Fake it till you make it.” Cute aphorism that is spoken often. But it is terribly WRONG. It’s like saying, “Tell many lies, and from that pit of sewage will emerge a life of truth and beauty.” No, instead find the Real Love that…
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Learning to Love

Need help quitting your unproductive behaviors? Click here for a list of Certified Real Love Coaches and Wise Men eager to help you find the Real Love that will transform your life today. "Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was struggling…
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I Choose to Love Because . . .

Contrary to the beliefs of many, we choose how we feel. Other people can’t make us angry or afraid or resentful. Our ability to choose, of course, is greatly influenced by whether we have first been unconditionally loved by others, which fills…

It’s in the Delivery

I talked by Skype to John and Julie and asked them how they were doing. “All she ever does is criticize me,” he said, obviously unhappy. “Give me a specific example,” I said. John described how earlier that day she had come…

Nothing Left of You

Every time you give up a bit of yourself to please others, you become a little smaller, until eventually there’s nothing left of you at all.

The Results Are All that Count

Judy called to complain about how her husband wasn’t keeping his agreements about reading the Real Love material, having meetings with her as a couple, and more. She was angry and resentful. “How about you?” I asked. “What do you…

The Impossible

For several months I had been loving and teaching Lisa, but she was fighting me with considerable energy. She said she wanted to be happy, but with her behavior she declared the truth—that she wanted to continue in the old and familiar patterns…

Be Careful about How You Require Love to Look (Video Clip)

It’s all right to make requests of other people, but we get into trouble when we insist that love be delivered to us in a certain way.

Endlessly Enjoyable

Our lives become endlessly enjoyable when we are content with who we are but simultaneously always moving toward something better.