Consciously Focus On Others

Learn how to consciously focus on others by listening to Real Love today.
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Were You Kind?

Watch this video for an inspirational example of how to truly love and accept the people in your life.
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Be Kind

Listen to these inspirational stories of how kindness and The Power of Real Love are changing lives all over the world. “I can’t wait till the second volume in the series. There have to be more of these stories. I can’t get enough…

Ask for the FIRST Time

Emily called me and said, “My husband, Mark, comes in from outside and puts his dirty clothes on the kitchen counter. I’ve told him a thousand times not to do this, but he does it anyway. I shouldn’t have to keep telling him.” “I…

Megan Meier and the Legislation of Kindness

Less than a month ago a Missouri newspaper began telling a story of events that had occurred nearly a year before. For six weeks thirteen-year-old Megan Meier had enjoyed a close relationship with a sixteen-year-old boy, Josh, in MySpace, a…