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Do It Now–Those Opportunities That Slip Away - Real Love Blog
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Do It Now–Those Opportunities That Slip Away

Years ago I was about to leave a building when I saw an old friend on the other side of the foyer. I was in a bit of a hurry and thought of several reasons not to talk to him. I had other things to do. He had not seen me and would not know that…

Learning To Love

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There's No Single Recipe For Life - Real Love Blog
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There's No Single Recipe For Life

When I was a kid, nobody talked much about cooking. You just boiled, baked, fried, or peeled it, and then you ate it. But then Julia Child and others made cooking look fun, and a profusion of books and articles followed, along with an occasional…

Loving Energy

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Enjoy It All

All the pain in your life has made it possible for you to learn what you know now. What a waste of time it would be to regret that. Simply enjoy the fruits of your past experience and present wisdom. Start enjoying every moment of this amazing…
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Half Trusting

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Old Way of Living

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Learning and Growing - Real Love Blog

Learning and Growing

Failure to learn and grow is worse than death. A grave is short in length, while a rut can be very long. Break out of your unhappy rut and start living the joyous life you've always wanted. Get your Free Report "Real Love—The Simple Secrets…
Right Direction? - Real Love Blog

Right Direction?

Just because you’re not hitting obstacles doesn't mean you’re going in the right direction. With Real Love you can be sure you're always on the path to happiness and joy. Start here with The Essentials of Real Love DVDs. "I've read…
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An Exhilarating Thought

Is it possible that you have not yet fully recognized that—despite all the bumps and ragged edges—you already have a life and direction that countless millions of others have dreamed of, envied, written about, and hoped for? It's a sobering…
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Mythical Happiness vs Potential Joy

Most of us wait our entire lives for the appearance of a mythical kind of happiness, all the while missing the potential joy that was everywhere around us. Listen to these heartwarming, encouraging, and faith-promoting stories of people whose…
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The Real Gifts of Christmas

Oh, the joys of Christmas: lights twinkling their message of cheer, carols filling the air and lifting our spirits, tables groaning with their burdens of candies and pies soon to be devoured. And then there's the shopping. When I was a boy,…