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I Tried

I once organized an event that involved dozens of people. I delegated to Bob the task of contacting Charlene to bring tables. He said he would take care of it. When the day of the event arrived, there were no tables. When I asked Bob what…
Why Isn't Real Love Everywhere - Real Love Blog
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Why Isn't Real Love Everywhere?

Someone wrote to me, "If Real Love is so essential, then why doesn't it just occur naturally everywhere? And why has it taken this long for Real Love to be discovered? And why is it difficult to learn?" Just because something is good—or…
Real Love® and 20/20 Vision - Real Love Blog
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Real Love and 20/20 Vision

(Today's blog written by Devon DeLauro) When I was ten years old, I got glasses for the first time, and, oddly, I didn't really like the sudden clarity of vision. In all the previous years I had become accustomed to blurry vision, and it…
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What Do You Think?

Best Way to Help Children Learn From Their Mistakes After I'd been working in the backyard for a couple of hours with my nine-year-old grandson, Brad, his seven-year-old sister, Megan, came out to help us. Because Brad had already learned how…


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World Peace

One day I was involved in a discussion about what people wanted most, and a friend said, "I want world peace." Only because I knew this person well, I said, "And how would that happen? A generous sprinkling of peace dust?" Smiling, he…
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Half Trusting

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Changing The Oil-Every 100,000 Miles - Real Love Blog
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Changing the Oil–Every 100,000 Miles

Charles came to me in a crisis. He was having one conflict after another with his parents, his girlfriend, and his coworkers. Knowing that Charles was a mechanic by trade, I said, "Imagine that I brought my car in to your shop every 50,000…

Rising and Falling

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The Real Thing

The Real Thing

Intellectual discussions about love are to Real Love as a photo of ice cream is to eating the real thing. It's the FEELING of Real Love that changes lives, not just the intellectual understanding of the concepts. Find Real Love and experience…
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Learning and Growing

Failure to learn and grow is worse than death. A grave is short in length, while a rut can be very long. Break out of your unhappy rut and start living the joyous life you've always wanted. Get your Free Report "Real Love—The Simple Secrets…
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Right Direction?

Just because you’re not hitting obstacles doesn't mean you’re going in the right direction. With Real Love you can be sure you're always on the path to happiness and joy. Start here with The Essentials of Real Love DVDs. "I've read…
Fulfillment-Real Love Blog
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Real Love is like air and gravity combined. It gives you both the energy and direction you require to move toward the fulfillment you want. Visit the Finding Real Love page to find and experience the life-changing power of Real Love and start…
How to Pick Up a Goose—and Raise Your Children - Real Love Blog

How to Pick Up a Goose—and Raise Your Children

I've heard thousands of stories about how people raise their children. On the one end are the parents who are strict and controlling. They suffer the delusion that if somehow they grip hard enough, their children will not fall. At the other…