Two friends saying hi.

Different Levels of Friendship

We've become accustomed to guilt and obligation and lying to the point that we can't imagine not living this way. Often these behaviors become quite conflicting, confusing, and exhausting. It's easier to decide what you want to do or are capable…


When we say we’re “okay,” we’re usually demonstrating a profound inability to express a wide variety of more honest and lifegiving feelings.

Trust and Honesty

We talk about the importance of time in “getting to know” people. But time means nothing. It’s only with trust and honesty that we really become intimately connected.

Lance Armstrong--Why?

Born in 1971, Lance Armstrong began to compete as a triathlete at age 16, winning championships in 1989 and 1990. In 1992 he began his career as a professional cyclist and experienced significant success---including the 1993 World Championship---but…

Different Levels of Friendship

Ray called and described his friend, Andrew. Ten years earlier, they'd had a disagreement, and Andrew cut Ray out of his life. In the past year, however, Andrew had reappeared, and the two of them now got together perhaps every other month for…

They Are Not the Problem

Lisa called to tell me that her supervisors at work were terribly unfair. They were blocking her advanced certification in one specialty skill, they were not answering her e-mails, and they treated her differently from other employees. She could…