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Resolve Conflict With Love

Learn how to resolve conflict with love in ALL your relationships—marriage, parenting, in the workplace, dating, friendships—by reading or listening to Real Love. "Don’t let the title fool you. Although accurate, it doesn’t begin…

The Rules Of A Happy Relationship/Home

Learn how to have the genuinely happy relationships and life you've always wanted by watching The Essentials of Real Love DVDs. "I've read all the books and heard all the great speakers, but Greg just blew me away! Real Love is the missing…
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True Listening

Learn how to truly listen to and love the people in your life by watching The Essentials of Real Love DVDs. "Greg just blew me away! Real Love is the missing piece. What a seminar, what a presenter! This has changed my life. Thank you." …

Always Be Loving First

Need help? Watch "I Choose to be Loving, Because..." for some life-changing ideas.
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Do You Have A Peanut Allergy?

For years Allison had been in and out of a relationship with Philip, and—not coincidentally—her progress toward genuine happiness had been negligible. She called me to complain about something at work. "When was the last time you saw…

Listening With Your Mouth

Recently I watched Barbara interact with a number of people, and toward the end of the day she turned to me and said, "I'd like to be a Real Love coach. What do you think?" "Perhaps," I said, "you could do that someday." "Why do you say, someday?" "I'm…

Just Like Making a Dress

Marilyn called me and said, “My friend told me I should talk to you. I’m thirty-five years old, and I’ve had so many failed relationships that I can’t even count them anymore. I just finished one last week. Ended badly, like all the…

Solve the Problem

In a relationship, anything that consistently gets between you as an issue—money, sex, kids, whatever—is the thing that will end you. Solve the problem. Now.