“I’m Okay.”

Nicole had bounced from one man to another all her life, almost never living without a pathologic relationship. On one day when she called me, she was between men. I asked her how she was doing. "I'm okay," she said. We hear this answer…

Feeling Unconditionally Loved

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Listen to these inspiring stories of a cop, a convict, a lawyer, a mother, a teacher, and many others who chose Real Love NOW and transformed their lives. And learn how YOU can transform your life, too. “This book has given me hope. After…

There Are No Little Things, Only Choices

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Right Direction? - Real Love Blog

Right Direction?

Just because you’re not hitting obstacles doesn't mean you’re going in the right direction. With Real Love you can be sure you're always on the path to happiness and joy. Start here with The Essentials of Real Love DVDs. "I've read…
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Mythical Happiness vs Potential Joy

Most of us wait our entire lives for the appearance of a mythical kind of happiness, all the while missing the potential joy that was everywhere around us. Listen to these heartwarming, encouraging, and faith-promoting stories of people whose…

Laws of Happiness

Only when we stay within the law—The Laws of Happiness—are we truly protected and free. Outside that protection lies confusion and pain. Live a life of happiness, free AND protected! Learn how here: Also available in Kindle ve…