What A Privelege

So many people are giving their time and faith and courage to spread the message of love to the world. What a privilege it is to share this journey with all of you.

There’s No Fire in the River

Years ago I read about a fire on the Great Plains that consumed thousands of acres of grass. Two people thought they were doomed by the circling flames, until they ran to the bank of a river and jumped in. Swimming to the middle, they found…


"That's what fame is: solitude." (Coco Chanel) The more Imitation Love we gather, the more alone and desperate we become. It never works in the long term.

Making Mistakes

When I can make mistakes and smile about them, I’m beginning to grow up.


"It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane." (Philip K. Dick) We did not make up our pain. It was done to us early in life, and our insanity naturally followed. But now we can do something about all of that.
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Finding Yourself

Nelson told me that he could hardly remember anything in his life from before the age of ten, nor did he have more than a handful of photographs of those forgotten years. “I feel like I had no childhood,” he said, “so maybe I just need…

Proven Truth

Always carry with you a sentence or two of profound and proven truth, which will drive away the dark and confusing thoughts that inevitably creep into your mind from time to time.

Learning to Love

Learning to love can be a rough climb at times, but the path and the view become finer the higher you climb.

Happiness is Love. (Video Clip)

Longest study in history proves power of love.