What I Meant To Say

Martin called me and said, “Ashley [his wife] is mad at me, and it doesn’t make any sense.” “What happened?” I asked. “She made dinner for us last night, and the squash was way overcooked. It was more like a mush than a vegetable.” “I’m…

The Ultimate Choice of Gratitude

In every given moment, we have a choice to make: First, we could complain about what we don’t have, or can’t do, or don’t get from people and circumstances. This gives us a real hit of victimhood—which is why we do it—but it never,…

Ten Steps to Being HAPPY!

I received the following email from Eileen, someone whose life has significantly transformed since adopting the principles and practices of unconditional love. I am NOT advocating that other people “should” follow the pattern described by…

Controlling the Fire

As I work in the backyard—pruning, picking up sticks, cutting down trees that are failing under the overhead canopy, and more—I generate large piles of material that need to be burned. The city will carry away small amounts of brush, but…

Surrounded by Miracles

It’s a miracle that despite all my mistakes, my life has been preserved for so long. It’s a miracle that I have a partner who—despite my innumerable flaws—thinks I’m worth keeping around. It’s a miracle that I have trees in my…


Gratitude is not state of mind. Gratitude is a state of heart—a condition of unassailable fulness and power.


Gratitude is not thinking positively. It’s opening the door and going outside to enjoy the day, whatever it may bring.

Real Gratitude

When you are grateful for both the love and the pain you have felt in your life, you will know what real gratitude is.


I’ve been sick for several days, and I’m grateful to my loving partner who has been patient with me and cared for me.


I can ALWAYS find faults in a relationship. Or I can choose to be grateful, and then my partner and I will both be happier.

Grateful Lives

When we recognize what we do have, instead of fussing about what is missing, we really can have spectacularly happy and grateful lives.

Expressing Gratitude

As children we were taught—often forced—to say “thank you” when people did things for us, but because we usually felt pushed to express gratitude, we didn’t learn real gratitude, which is given freely, gladly, joyfully. Instead we…

What A Privelege

So many people are giving their time and faith and courage to spread the message of love to the world. What a privilege it is to share this journey with all of you.

Be Grateful Always

If you choose simply to be grateful always, consistently you will understand and accept people, you will learn far more from every situation, and your joy will be greatly magnified.

Will you ever?

I don't think you will ever fully understand how you've touched my life and made me who I am. I don't think you could ever know just how truly special you are that even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star. I don't think…

Pause To Enjoy

If you pause to thoroughly enjoy today—no matter what is happening—you’ll be happy today and will build a foundation for a happy tomorrow. If you worry about tomorrow, you’ll lose any chance of happiness today and likely tomorrow…


Most of us have been taught horrifying lies all our lives. For example: “The world is a harsh and painful place.” “We have to earn whatever acceptance and attention we get.” “If we make mistakes, we are less worthwhile.” Because…

Invite In More Friends

Mostly you don’t need to throw the enemies out of your life—fear, lies, anger. Just invite in more friends—truth, love, gratitude—and there won’t be any room for the enemies.