Embrace the Love

Feel the power of Real Love in YOUR life as you watch Greg present The Essentials of Real Love to a live audience. "I've read all the books and heard all the great speakers, but Greg just blew me away! Real Love is the missing piece. What…

Choose To Be Grateful

Watch "A Changed Perspective + Gratitude = Happiness" to learn how you can transform your life right now.
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What's On Your Plate?

Dillon called and began to describe his fears, sprinkled generously with guilt. "What's on your plate now?" I asked. "What do you mean?" "All your life you've been starving to death from a lack of love. Now you have several people who…
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Mythical Happiness vs Potential Joy

Most of us wait our entire lives for the appearance of a mythical kind of happiness, all the while missing the potential joy that was everywhere around us. Listen to these heartwarming, encouraging, and faith-promoting stories of people whose…
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"Thank You," not "I Want"

Bill told me that Joan was always spending time with everybody but him. They were both retired, and Bill said, "I feel like I'm by myself all the time." I asked a number of questions, and it turned out that Joan spent about half her waking…

Gifts that People Remember

All toys and jewelry eventually break or become tiresome, but people will remember your kindness, your touching, and your forgiveness. Learn more about how to give the gifts that others will remember here:

A Dose of Gratitude

Every day I hear people complain about the minor inconveniences in their lives—as though each event were life ending. They bitterly describe how they had to wait ten minutes for a spouse, or they had to pick up somebody’s laundry, or somebody…


Gratitude means realizing that right now I have more of what really matters than ever before, no matter how difficult this moment might be. You can be full of gratitude and peace - learn how here:

Grateful or Angry

It is simply not possible simultaneously to be grateful and also angry or otherwise unhappy. Gratitude is always the wiser choice. Understand more about the Law of Choice here and learn how to make wise choices:

Expressing Gratitude

As children we were taught—often forced—to say “thank you” when people did things for us, but because we usually felt pushed to express gratitude, we didn’t learn real gratitude, which is given freely, gladly, joyfully. Instead we…
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Friends and Enemies

Mostly you don’t need to throw the enemies out of your life—fear, lies, anger. Just invite in more friends—truth, love, gratitude—and there won’t be any room for the enemies.
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Grateful Always

If you choose simply to be grateful always, consistently you will understand and accept people, you will learn far more from every situation, and your joy will be greatly magnified. Learn how to understand and accept people and yourself …
Real Love
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True Gratitude--And Pearls from a Child

Recently my wife and I visited one of my daughters and her family. We enjoyed an afternoon at the park, picnicking, hiking, walking in the shallow water of the lake, throwing a football, and playing miniature golf. Toward the end of the day,…

I Have A Complaint

For many years I have periodically offered assistance to a woman in my hometown who would otherwise be unable to completely care for herself. She suffers from bipolar disorder, morbid obesity, chronic arthritis of her knees, and a general…