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Don't Ignore the Darkness Within You

Don’t ignore the darkness within you, nor regret it or be ashamed of it. It informs you of the position of the sun. Listen to Real Love and learn how to live life fully.
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I'm Shivering on Mt. Everest

A couple called me and described their family. The two of them often bitterly quarreled. The children were in various kinds of trouble at school and otherwise. Not infrequently, the father hit his children and his wife. This was a family in…

Connect with the Love That Banishes All Fear

Need help connecting with the love that will banish your fears? Start replacing your fear and confusion with peace and happiness by listening to Real Love, The truth about finding unconditional love & fulfilling relationships. Put into practice…
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Dragging that Deadly Bag

In several African countries young boys have been recruited by rebels to fight as soldiers, who then shot their way through one village after another, usually hopped up on fear and drugs. One boy who escaped that life described running from…
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Like a Bloodhound

Bloodhound is a dog breed famous for its ability to follow a scent that is often many days old, over great distances, even across water. The handler allows the dog to smell something previously worn by the escaped prisoner, or the missing person,…
Don't let your house explode

Don't Let Your House Explode

A few years ago, a satellite TV company aired a commercial that made me chuckle. The announcer says: "When you have cable and your picture freezes, you get irritable." "When you get irritable your work suffers." A man in a suit is shown…
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Genuine Love

Genuine Evidence of Love

I love you” feels great to hear. Seeing genuine evidence of “I understand you and love you” feels even better. Fill your life with genuine evidence of love. Listen to Real Love in Marriage and learn how to genuinely love and understand…
Supply of Real Love is Infinite

The Supply of Real Love is Infinite

The supply of Real Love is infinite. Start finding it by listening to Real Love, The truth about finding unconditional love and fulfilling relationships today.
Stay on the safe path

Lost in the Jungle

I once lived in the islands of Samoa, isolated in the vast stretches of the South Pacific, five hundreds miles from the nearest neighbor. One day I climbed the dirt road up a mountain, and looking for a bit of adventure, I walked into the jungle…
Real Love Letter
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Every day I talk to people who are unhappy in various ways: angry, alone, imprisoned by addictions, and so on. And they have no clue whatever how to correct their misery. This blind frustration reminds me of occasions when I was a chemistry…
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The First Time

On many occasions I have watched people experience an exciting event for the first time—or describe it after the fact: Children tasting ice cream for the first time A first kiss First time taking a breath underwater with a SCUBA device First…

Live According to True and Loving Principles

Fill your life, your home, your world with true and loving principles this season and always. Listen to Real Love here.
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Real Love Interventions

Every day I talk to people from all over the world. They all want help with their lives, and fortunately there is a wide array of tools to offer. We make all the principles of Real Love accessible to everyone. For no cost at all, people can…
Fill Your Life with Unconditional Love

Love is a River

Unconditional love–or Real Love–is a river that flows throughout the universe and gives life to everything it touches. I am not being metaphorical here. This energy is literal, even palpable. All things are united by the flow of this river,…
Real Love Letter
Real Love Letter
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Pushing the Boulder

I talked to a woman, Ilene, who was utterly overwhelmed with the responsibility of controlling her children, bossing her husband around, and worrying about everything. "You look exhausted, honey," I said. "I'm worn out." "Like you're…