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Hold the Sky

I have a dear friend, Eileen, who tutors young children in a number of school subjects. She teaches a boy, Jonathan, who is presently getting chemotherapy for some kind of cancer. She asked him what it’s like when he’s getting the chemo. “It’s…
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Blazing A Lifegiving Path

Find and learn how to share Real Love—and help change the world—by visiting the Finding Real Love page. "Finding Real Love has quite literally transformed me, my marriage, my relationship with my children and actually - my whole life." …
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It's No Longer Work

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The Ultimate Gift

Rarely do people seek what they NEED, but instead settle for what they WANT, which will only briefly entertain or pacify them. With Real Love we offer the ultimate gift, although not often can they understand or accept it. Find Real Love…

Things To Do When You Just Can’t Quite Find Happiness

Being unconditionally loved in person is a powerful experience. It can change your life. But sometimes unconditionally loving people are not readily available, and we’re left wondering what to do with our time. If we do nothing, or if we fall…