“I’m Okay.”

Nicole had bounced from one man to another all her life, almost never living without a pathologic relationship. On one day when she called me, she was between men. I asked her how she was doing. "I'm okay," she said. We hear this answer…
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Just Reach Out

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Merry Christmas

This is a wonderful season. I love the lights, the music, the food. But most of all I like it that at this season more than any other our thoughts tend to turn to the possibility of loving the people around us. We’re more thoughtful. We give…

Feeling Unconditionally Loved

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The North Star - Real Love Blog

The North Star

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It's Time To Shower . . . Again - Real Love Blog
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It's Time To Shower . . . Again

Recently one of my grandchildren came home from football practice. He was sweaty, dirty, and stinky. His father said, "Brad, go take a shower." "But I showered yesterday," Brad said. We're born once. We're in the sixth grade once. But…

The Road To Love And Peace

Let Real Love guide you on the path to the love and happiness you've always wanted. Start here by reading or listening to Real Love: The Truth About Finding Unconditional Love and Fulfilling Relationships. "It was like stepping from the shadows…
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Discover the freedom and joy of living a life filled with Real Love. Start here by reading or listening to Real Love. "I really can't say enough about this book. It's simply a MUST READ!" Ryan L.


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Love Because

Don’t love because you should, or because it would make other people happy. Love because you just can’t help yourself, because you simply cannot withhold the river of it that is flowing into you. Find Real Love for yourself and watch…
Just One Hand - Real Love Blog

Just One Hand

Recently I was talking with a man whose life had become increasingly unhappy. A number of questions revealed—no surprise—that he had never felt unconditionally loved. So I showed him what Real Love looked like, and the effect was dramatic.…
Better Yield, Less Effort - Real Love Blog
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Real Love–Better Yield, Less Effort

Martin called me and said, "My wife, Cynthia, is all gaga over this Real Love stuff, and she wants me to get involved with her. But we've already done marriage counseling, read books, done retreats. None of it made any difference. Why try again?" I…

Controlling Nothing

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Find A Compass And Map

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Waiting To Recharge - Real Love Blog

Waiting To Recharge

I have a Kindle, an electronic device that allows me to read a whole library of books that have been downloaded to its memory. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen is a power indicator, informing me how much of the full electric charge…
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Why Partnerships Fail

We find partners in the hope that they will heal our wounds and make us happy. But they are not equipped to do that, and when we discover this—which we refused to see from the beginning—our partnerships fail. Learn how to have the unconditionally…

Seeking Love

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Tossing Wheat In The Air - Real Love Blog
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Tossing Wheat In The Air

As people come to me with their personal and relationship problems, one of the most recurring themes I hear is the desire to get more love from a particular person or group of people: "My husband never wants to spend time with me." "I really…

Right Direction

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I Tried - Real Love Blog

I Tried

I once organized an event that involved dozens of people. I delegated to Bob the task of contacting Charlene to bring tables. He said he would take care of it. When the day of the event arrived, there were no tables. When I asked Bob what…