Move Toward Love

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Conscious Choice

Learn how to choose love, happiness, and true connection by watching The Essentials of Real Love DVDs. "I've read all the books and heard all the great speakers, but Greg just blew me away! Real Love is the missing piece. What a seminar,…

Work, Trust and Choice

"Real Love is a conscious choice to love purposely and unconditionally. It frees us from chains we create ourselves. Please read this and other Real Love books. You will be glad you did." Brenda S., Phoenix, AZ

Finding Happiness

Find Real Love and genuine happiness now by visiting the Finding Real Love page. "Real Love is like nothing else out there. Don’t waste another minute in the dark. Learn about Real Love and turn on the light."
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The Leap Of Faith

Daniel called and expressed his unhappiness. "I'm just not feeling the love. I understand it in my head, but I'm not feeling it." This is a very common problem among people who study Real Love. The principles make sense to them. They can…


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True Joy

Discover the true joy of living a life filled with Real Love by becoming a member of today. "One of my favorite things to do while enjoying my morning coffee is to go on the Real Love Membership site and listen to one of Greg’s…

Choose First To Trust

"I just had a clerk at Walmart say....I wish the whole world could be as happy as you look right now....I owe it to Real Love." Jolene L., Alabama Trust a Certified Real Love Coach and watch as your life transforms into the happy, joyful…

Hitting The Bullseye

In my younger, crazier days, I used to paddle a large open canoe down some fast and turbulent rivers, including Class III-IV rapids—the kind that often turn canoes over, dumping people into the water. On one occasion I took my canoe to a river…
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Call Out

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Do You Play With All 88 Keys? - Real Love Blog

Do You Play With All 88 Keys?

When I ask people how they're feeling, most often they respond with some version of okay, which would include words like fine, all right, and good. Occasionally they'll say that they're "not so good," or "I've been better." These responses…

There Are No Little Things, Only Choices

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The Taste Of Praise

Discover the joy of being loved unconditionally—just for being YOU—with no need to earn praise or prove yourself. Become a member of today to find the love, support, and genuine happiness you've been searching for.

Willing To Give Up Everything

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Never Stray From Love

Get the truth about finding unconditional love and fulfilling relationships by reading or listening to Real Love. "Greg Baer touched me deeply. He's got the answer to finding happiness in life." Tony Trupiano, Talk America &n…
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People Who Appreciate You

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A Parent

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Not By Ourselves

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joy of living well
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Real Courage - Real Love Blog

Real Courage

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Just Relabel The Ordinate - Real Love Blog

Just Relabel The Ordinate

Steven had been unhappy all his life. His father was distant, virtually not present emotionally, and his mother was a critical, angry woman. No matter how people tried to love him, he just couldn't seem to feel it or be happy. On one occasion…