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We Can't Make Good Choices While We are Afraid (Video Clip)

Do you ever feel afraid? Watch this clip and learn how to calm down and feel peaceful. Talk to others who are seeking peace on a Free Conference Call, moderated by a trained Real Love Coach here. You CAN replace…

Connect with the Love That Banishes All Fear

Need help connecting with the love that will banish your fears? Start replacing your fear and confusion with peace and happiness by listening to Real Love, The truth about finding unconditional love & fulfilling relationships. Put into practice…
Picture of butterfly on flower with text about fear of mistakes.

Fear of Mistakes Makes You Forget Who You Really Are

When we get caught up in our fear of the mistakes of this moment, we forget that we are in the midst of an eternal and unknowably grand experience. Learn how to live without the fear of mistakes. Enjoy the peaceful and abundant life you were…

Near-Death Experience

For decades now, people have described "near-death experiences (NDEs)," where they have physically died–no breathing or heartbeat. But then they returned to life after a period of several minutes. During that time, they were consciously aware…
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Look for the Pain

People in Pain Almost every person alive is suffering from an unspoken and mostly unrealized pain that bubbles right under the surface. They hide it, but if anything difficult happens, they can no longer contain the pain. Then out it comes–often…
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Raising a Fearless Child (Video Clip)

A child raised with Real Love is fearless.
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Dragging that Deadly Bag

In several African countries young boys have been recruited by rebels to fight as soldiers, who then shot their way through one village after another, usually hopped up on fear and drugs. One boy who escaped that life described running from…
The Spiral of Disability

The Spiral of Disability

Last year I saw Blaine, a man of considerable intellect and energy. He was CEO of a corporation and master of a relatively large domain. But he knew absolutely nothing about feeling or giving Real Love, so he felt empty and alone. One of many…
Fear is Irrational

The Complete Insanity of Fear

I've been having lower back pain for more than a year, and I didn't see a doctor because I have an admittedly foolish tendency to hope that physical symptoms will just go away–as most do. Finally, though, I noticed that my left big toe…
Fear is a waste of life.

Fear is Such a Waste of Life

Learn how to eliminate your fear and start living a joyful, abundant life. Listen to Real Love, The truth about finding unconditional love & fulfilling relationships today.
Every fear springs from a lie.

Every Fear Springs from a Lie

Don't be the victim of your fears. Live a full and abundant life full of peace and happiness. Learn how by reading Real Love and Freedom for the Soul.  
Fear Means

Fear Means

Don't forget the love in your life. Reach out to any of these options: Talk to people who can see you clearly on a Free Conference Call here. Reach out to a Wise Person you can trust here. Sign up for a coaching consultation with a Real…
Surrounded by Real Love

Surrounded by Love

If you’re afraid, it does NOT matter one bit what you think you’re afraid OF. It means ONLY that you’ve forgotten that you are surrounded by love. You already have everything you need to be happy, and you’re simply forgetting that…
Freedom from Fear, Guilt and Pain2018

Freedom from Fear and Guilt and Pain

Sandy came to my house and said, "I don't know if I even want to try anymore." "What do you mean?" I asked. "Some days I'm not sure I even want to live. I feel like I have a weight on my shoulders all the time--an unbearable weight." There…
Tears of hope preceded by tears of fear and pain.

Tears of Hope

Don't let the pain, fear and futility of life's unwanted events stop you from being happy and loved. Find out how to fill your whole life, all the good and all the bad, with hope, peace and happiness by listening to Real Love.

See the Truth About Yourself

Let yourself see the truth about yourself and replace the prison of fear and confusion with the freedom of peace and happiness. Read or listen to Real Love today.
You're paying with you whole life

You're Paying with Your Whole Life

Matt called me and described how he was struggling personally and in his relationships. "Sounds like a lot of work," I said. "It is," he said. "I'm exhausted all the time." "So you're exhausted, miserable, and alone. That's the reward." "Not…
Not Feeling Peaceful

Believing the Lies, Fearing the Future

Get the help you need to stop believing the lies and fearing the future. Talk with a Real Love coach on a Free Conference Call, sign up for some coaching or schedule an intervention with Greg. Replacing all that fear and anger with peace, happiness…
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Remove the Obstacles–Now

Throughout our backyard forest are shallow ditches that allow rainwater to drain downhill to the creek. Without them, the backyard would become a marsh, punctuated by puddles and small ponds. The many trees drop a great number of leaves all…
Life Without Fear

Life Without Fear

Find and be your real self by reading or listening to Real Love, The truth about finding unconditional love & fulfilling relationships.
As we learn and grow

As We Learn and Grow

Learn and grow in happiness and peace. Start here with this free report: Secrets of a Happy Life