We Can't Make Good Choices While We are Afraid (Video Clip)

Do you ever feel afraid? Watch this clip and learn how to calm down and feel peaceful. Talk to others who are seeking peace on a Free Conference Call, moderated by a trained Real Love Coach here. You CAN replace…

Near-Death Experience

For decades now, people have described "near-death experiences (NDEs)," where they have physically died–no breathing or heartbeat. But then they returned to life after a period of several minutes. During that time, they were consciously aware…
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Look for the Pain

People in Pain Almost every person alive is suffering from an unspoken and mostly unrealized pain that bubbles right under the surface. They hide it, but if anything difficult happens, they can no longer contain the pain. Then out it comes–often…
Fear is Irrational

The Complete Insanity of Fear

I've been having lower back pain for more than a year, and I didn't see a doctor because I have an admittedly foolish tendency to hope that physical symptoms will just go away–as most do. Finally, though, I noticed that my left big toe…


As I was doing some Internet research on submarines—for some reason now lost to me—I came across an account of a Navy submarine officer who described a great deal about life aboard a submarine. Among his descriptions was his experience with…

The Fear of Love

On many occasions people struggling with trust in the process of finding Real Love have said to me, “I’m afraid of love.” No. Nobody is afraid of being surrounded in the warm, soft, enriching embrace of unconditional love, but we do…

The Rash

Marti wrote me and said that her two-year-old daughter, Darcy, had developed a rash all over her body, as though she had rolled around in stinging nettle. But it was January, and the nettle had died out months before. So they put an antihistamine…

Wipe the Windshield

Sarah called me to say that she had been driving a short time at night when she noticed streaks of light interfering with her vision. Since she had been informed previously of a cataract, she was concerned that she had a worsening medical problem…

The Virus in Your Head

Dan had spent his entire life afraid—of failure, of being controlled, of making his own decisions, of failing to please people, of disapproval, and more. He took the steps to genuinely feel loved, and after steadily practicing this feeling…

Eliminate Our Fears

When we finally eliminate our fears, we begin to discover who we are and what we can freely choose.

Feeling Loved Enough

Once you feel loved enough to eliminate fear, you will learn who you are, and then what you need to do next becomes increasingly clear.

The Thrill of True Freedom

Experience the thrill of true freedom today by reading Real Love and Freedom for the Soul here.  

Core Of Gold

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Eliminate Fears

People everywhere wonder “who they really are.” When we’re afraid, that’s ALL we are: afraid and reacting to fear. When we finally eliminate our fears, we begin to discover who we are and what we can freely choose.

Fear is Learned

A few days ago I was talking with a young lady, Zoe, who works in a large bookstore. She works in the children’s section, where on the ceiling there was a rotating light fixture whose colors and movement were intended to draw the attention…
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When We're Afraid, We Lose the Ability to Choose (Video Clip)

When we’re afraid, we are captives and lost. Only as we lose our fear can we make true choices.

The Language We Use

Marcus called to talk to me about a conversation he needed to have with his boss. Marcus was a people pleaser who was afraid to disappoint anyone, so he tended to accept every job that was given to him, even when he was already overwhelmed.…

Those Voices

Sara spoke to me on Skype and said, “I’m so anxious. When I was with you, I felt so loved, but I just lost it. When I wake up, the fear just comes over me. It overwhelms me. Then I feel depressed.” “Whoa,” I said. She looked…