Lions and Tigers and Bears–Oh My!! - Real Love Blog

Lions And Tigers And Bears–Oh My!!

Carla called me, trembling, and said she had seen a spider in her house the day before, and for more than twenty-four hours she had been too frightened to move. I suggested that in the short term there were some things she might do to limit…

A Completely Trusting Relationship

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Which Do You Choose?

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Mud, Mud Everywhere - Real Love Blog

Mud, Mud Everywhere

I was digging a ditch for better drainage in the yard, and the sticky Georgia mud spread everywhere. It was on my hands and arms, all over my clothes, in my hair, down my boots. When I'm in the mud, everything I touch becomes muddy, so I have…
Living in Fear, Living in Death - Real Love Blog
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Living In Fear, Living In Death

When I asked Jennifer how she was doing, she said, "Okay, I guess." "If you're guessing whether you're even 'okay,' you must not be doing all that well." "I suppose not." When people "guess" and "suppose" a lot, it almost uniformly…

Make Mistakes Faster

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The Thrill of True Freedom

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Half An Inch Of Mud - Real Love Blog

Half An Inch Of Mud

A couple of weeks ago I was cutting firewood from trees that had been knocked down by a recent tornado. The trees were only a short distance off the road—maybe a hundred yards—so I drove my friend's large truck into the clearing where we…
Face Our Fears - Real Love Blog

Face Our Fears

Watch "Eliminate FEAR To Learn Who You Are" and start living the joyous life you deserve today.
Facing Fears - Real Love Blog

Facing Fears

We usually exert more effort to avoid our fears than it would take to face them directly. Face your fears and learn how to completely eliminate them with the help of a Certified Real Love Coach.
Putting Out The Fire - Real Love Blog

Putting Out The Fire

As I write this, I'm cruising at 36,000 feet, far out over the Atlantic Ocean—with the assistance of a Boeing 767. An hour ago, a man spilled out of a nearby restroom and fell unconscious in the aisle. This elicited quite an excited response…
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Understanding vs. Real Power

As we study the principles of Real Love, we come to understand that when other people behave badly toward us, they're just drowning. When people lie to us, get angry, criticize us, and more, they're just empty and afraid. They're doing what…
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Fear Is Optional

Danger is real. Fear is optional. As you understand and FEEL unconditional love—Real Love—your fear, anger, and confusion will naturally melt away, and you will unavoidably experience peace, joy, and confidence instead. Become a Member…
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A Little Courage

“A great deal of talent is lost to the world for the lack of a little courage.” (Sydney Smith) Out of fear that we’ll fail, often we cheat ourselves and others of opportunities to do great things. Watch this video with Greg to learn…
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Out of Gas and Hating It

The gas gauge in my car tells me with reasonable accuracy how much fuel I have left in the tank. I hate the inconvenience of pulling over to refuel, though, so sometimes I put it off until the last possible moment. When I wait too long, however,…

Eliminate Fear

Laws cannot make you free. Nor can the absence of walls or bars. Only when you have eliminated fear—when you realize that fear is in fact only a fabrication—can you know the thrill of true freedom.

Remove the Fear

When you remove the fear from your life, the conflict, confusion, and pain vanish. Immediately you see more clearly, recognizing possibilities you never dreamed of before. Don't know how to remove the fear? Make a call and join a Free Conference…
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The Power of Unconditional Love in Fear

A few years ago I was carrying my three-year-old grandson, Jack, through a nature preserve in Florida, where we watched a number of alligators sunning themselves at the edge of the water. At one point a large gator moved in the nearby brush,…
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Love for the Asking

One of the many reasons I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren is their complete lack of inhibition around asking for what they want. Last Christmas, for example, one of them, Megan, was attached to my hip almost the entire time she was…