What Happens If I Don’t Move

Lorraine had made fairly good progress toward happiness in Real Love for a year. But then she came to me and said, “I seem to have hit a plateau of some kind. I had lost a lot of my fear. I feel much happier than I used to, but now my growth…

Faith Comes From Making a Choice

Faith comes from making a choice and taking action, not from gathering evidence and creating the illusion of safety.

The Three “F” Words

Sometimes there might seem to be so many principles to remember, that we feel overwhelmed. It can be helpful to simply remember just a few principles to guide us when we become confused or distracted. I suggest the three F’s: Feel, faith,…

Power of Faith and Love

Fear puts us into a dark and hopeless prison. With the power of faith and love, we are freed to become all that we are and can be.

Look Behind

As we take steps forward into the unknown, our progress is shaky. We tend to look ahead into the darkness and become discouraged by what we don’t know. But we also need to look behind and be encouraged by how far we’ve come.

Each Act of Faith

With each act of faith, we generate yet another single note that combines with all the others—present and future—to create a symphony that steadily brings great joy to us and to others.

Dead But Not Buried?

“Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.” (Benjamin Franklin) Are you dead but not buried?

Norm and Not Normal

It is only those who are not “normal” who can help us to move us forward into realms that are different from our present “norm.” Let us be slow to mock them or resist them.

An Elephant

When we desire or pray to be humble or loving, we tend to hope the lesson will come in the form of a capsule to swallow, rather than an elephant to sit on us.

Take the Risks

If we don’t take any risks—if we don’t step outside our comfort—we may prevent failure in this thing or that, but we also guarantee failure to fulfill who we really are. Our entire life becomes a failure.

Great Insights

Great insights are almost always preceded by a time of wandering and stumbling about in the dark, which we can’t avoid.
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Faith—the Only Sensible Choice

Rarely does a day go by without my talking to someone whose life is truly in peril: they’re depressed, their marriage is disintegrating, a child is making truly awful choices, and more. There simply is no solution to a lifetime of fear, lies,…


We all want to find and share love but without risk—like learning to swim while standing on the shore. Impossible. We must have faith and take risks.

Fear, Faith and Love

Fear is the great destroyer. The opposite of fear is faith. The cure for fear is love.

Allow Other People to See Who You Are

Allowing other people to see who we really are could seem frightening, but the alternative is to stay hidden and never feel seen or loved.


We learn most from moving into the darkness, not from thinking about how we can’t see.


Only as you make the difficult climb do you see the pass through the mountains.

Get Up

Only when we are moving can God guide our feet. He will not pick us up off the couch.

Faith In Love

Thu Astronomers say, “I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t believed it.” And so it is with love: until we have faith in it, it’s unlikely that we’ll see or feel it.


Faith is the firm belief that each step we take—no matter how difficult and unproductive in the moment—can teach us and move us forward.


Faith is taking a bite of something you’ve never tasted.