Those Voices

Sara spoke to me on Skype and said, “I’m so anxious. When I was with you, I felt so loved, but I just lost it. When I wake up, the fear just comes over me. It overwhelms me. Then I feel depressed.” “Whoa,” I said. She looked…
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Beginning the Rut

When I first met Grant, he was depressed and had little relationship with his wife and adult children. I loved him and helped him see how his critical and demeaning view of himself and others had come from long ago, when he was a child. Grant…

Effects of Fear

The entire universe exists in an abundant, loving state of harmony, except for ME on the occasions when I choose to be afraid.

Only Compassion

When people are empty and afraid, they become insane. If we really know this, we’ll never feel anger toward them, only compassion.

We Live in a Zoo

Not long ago I was privileged to host Sheri for an intervention. For weeks afterward, she said that feeling unconditionally loved during our time together had changed the way she saw everything: herself, other people, and more. One day she called…


A married couple, Jack and Amy, were telling me how unhappy they were. Amy was an attacker who angrily criticized people—especially Jack and her children—from the time she opened her eyes in the morning until she fell asleep at night. She…