Just Flush It

The magic of a toilet is the FLUSH handle. We simply flush, rather than carefully and manually examining the contents of the bowl. It is the same with our past. Once we understand it and feel loved, we don’t need to keep examining it. Just…


In a world fueled by Imitation Love, lying is NECESSARY for the smooth interaction of all. But when people feel unconditionally loved, the need for lying simply evaporates.

Real Courage

When we can experience defeat without being discouraged, we possess real courage.

I Need More Pots

It was obvious that my friend George was allergic to work. Giraffes could have hidden in the grass of his front yard. Outside the back door was a tall pile of garbage bags, because he was too lazy to take the trash fifty feet to the street,…

Putting Out the Fire

As I write this, I'm cruising at 36,000 feet, far out over the Atlantic Ocean--with the assistance of a Boeing 767. An hour ago, a man spilled out of a nearby restroom and fell unconscious in the aisle. This elicited quite an excited response…

The Miracle of Real Love in Person

From a participant in a recent seminar: "I have felt alone all my life, no matter how many people were around me. Like nobody understood me or cared about me. Not my friends, or parents, or anybody. I read a bunch of the Real Love books, everything…