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I’ll Do Anything . . . Except That

(blog written by Jonathan Baer) A couple came to talk to me. "I just don't think I can do this anymore." Pam said. "Bryce never wants to have anything to do with me or the girls. He'd be just fine if we never bothered him and he watched…
Lost In Translation - Real Love Blog
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Lost In Translation

For years Aaron and his wife, Vikki, had been locked in an emotional firestorm that showed no signs of burning out. In recent months Vicki had been practicing Real Love with some success, but Aaron had adamantly refused to participate in any…
Why Men And Women Cheat - Real Love Blog
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Why Men and Women Cheat

Not long ago–on separate occasions and within a two-week period–I met two women, Lisa and Janine. Their stories were strikingly similar. Each of their husbands had cheated on them. They were devastated at the betrayal of this infidelity.…

How to Avoid a Divorce

I talked to a couple who were in the process of divorcing. Their marriage was simply awful—attacking, withdrawing, lying, addictions—an unspeakable mess of conflict and pain. “When did your marriage begin to go bad?” I asked. They…
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When It's Over

Timothy called and explained that in the middle of the night two months ago, his wife of twenty years, Fiona, had left him and his three children. She moved in with a boyfriend in another state, and was well on her way to constructing a new…
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Victimhood: A Swath of Destruction

When Stacy and Hank were married, their hopes were electrifying and contagious. They were bright, educated, and physically attractive. No one at the wedding had the slightest doubt whether these two would have a rich and fulfilling marriage. In…