The truth about Falling in love

The Pacific Slide

Every day I talk to several people who are experiencing serious conflict in their primary relationship. In nearly every case the couple was initially in love, but over time the "in love" feeling slipped away, becoming a distant–often painful–memory. What…
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The All-Powerful Bridge Of Trust

After watching Lisa express her anger at Paul, her husband, for several minutes, I interrupted. "You don't trust him." "Sure I do," she said. "I just don't like many of the choices he makes." "You mean most of his choices." Her silence…
Do You Want A Dictatorship Or A Relationship? - Real Love Blog
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A Dictatorship or a Relationship?

The following blog was written by Jonathan Baer. Recently, as I spoke with a couple, Sarah said that her husband, Todd, was not helping her with the recycling. "I AM helping," Todd said. "She just doesn't like the way I do it." They…
Three-Inch River Rocks - Real Love Blog
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Three-Inch River Rocks

Several days ago a woman angrily complained to me about some behaviors of her husband that were irresponsible and lazy. After listening for a minute, I said, "Now that you have the load in your yard, it's a little late to complain about it." She…
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Why Partnerships Fail

We find partners in the hope that they will heal our wounds and make us happy. But they are not equipped to do that, and when we discover this—which we refused to see from the beginning—our partnerships fail. Learn how to have the unconditionally…