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Discover the freedom and peace that comes from finding Real Love for yourself—and then learn how to share it with others—by reading this Free Report "The Simple Secrets of a Happy Life and Fulfilling Relationships":
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Asking For Help

Earlier today I received a call from a man, Bob, who is engaged and making preparations to get married. He and his fiancée both own their own homes, so they made a decision that he would sell his home and move into hers. In the process of putting…

How We Respond

The things that happen to us—the things we tend to obsess about and try to control—are mostly irrelevant. What really matters is how we respond to them. Read more here to understand about your responses and the possibility for change…
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Turtle Eggs and the Perils of Control

Years ago, as my children and I were planting some bushes in the backyard late one afternoon, we uncovered a handful of turtle eggs. One of them had just hatched, and we were excited at the prospect of seeing the rest do the same. We lightly…

Find Love

Trying to do things perfectly is just a way to control the world so you don’t get hurt. It doesn’t work, and it’s exhausting. Instead find love and the genuine happiness that fills your soul and endures. Find Love, Real Love here:

Controlling and Learning

The varieties of ways in which we can make mistakes is literally infinite, and most of us can anticipate spending our whole lives exploring them. My own exploration has both amused and frustrated me — as well as others — for decades. Allow…