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Resolve Conflict With Love

Learn how to resolve conflict with love in ALL your relationships—marriage, parenting, in the workplace, dating, friendships—by reading or listening to Real Love. "Don’t let the title fool you. Although accurate, it doesn’t begin…

How To Withdraw Graciously

One of the most common mistakes people make in relationships is to keep talking when conflict is developing. When people are afraid—always an element of conflict—they become quite insane, and the conversation can only become increasingly…
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Anger Or Love?

Discover the REAL cause of anger and learn how to eliminate it from your life and relationships by visiting the Anger Management page here:

Shoveling Manure

My father grew up on a farm that raised a variety of plants and animals, dairy cows among them. It was his job to shovel manure out of the barn, a job which apparently never ended and was never pleasant. When he shoveled his way to the end of…

The Solution to Workplace Conflict (Video Clip)

Like people everywhere, the people at work need to be loved. If we see that need and address it, conflicts disappear.

Dealing with Conflict

It takes a lifetime to learn to be loving and to have a genuinely loving relationship, but there are some “techniques”—of a sort—that can help us at least avoid the destruction of love. Before loving we must achieve: We tend to wait…


When you sense any measure of conflict arising in an interaction, remember that there is no task or accomplishment that is worth your losing the peace of your soul.

Guilty, Your Honor

Tyler called his girlfriend, Lindsey, who lived an hour away. He wanted to talk, but Lindsay said she wanted to finish watching a movie with her mother. When the movie was finished, Lindsey called Tyler to talk, but he said, "I really do…

Are You Chained by a String?

I've never seen the process myself, but I have read in multiple sources that when elephants are very young, the owners tie a rope around a single leg and fasten it to a stake pounded in the ground. The young elephant struggles to free himself,…

Islam and the Jews

As I write these thoughts, I’m traveling on a bus that’s winding its way along the mountain roads descending from the tomb of the Old Testament prophet Job, the tomb being located near the town of Salalah in the state of Dhofar in the Sultanate…