Jumping On Broken Glass

Jill called me and told me that she was so angry at her husband she could spit. She began to deliver a litany of his "crimes," and after thirty seconds or so I said, "Do your feet hurt?" "What?" she asked. "My feet?" "Yes, your feet. When…
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The Leap Of Faith

Daniel called and expressed his unhappiness. "I'm just not feeling the love. I understand it in my head, but I'm not feeling it." This is a very common problem among people who study Real Love. The principles make sense to them. They can…

Hitting The Bullseye

In my younger, crazier days, I used to paddle a large open canoe down some fast and turbulent rivers, including Class III-IV rapids—the kind that often turn canoes over, dumping people into the water. On one occasion I took my canoe to a river…
half trust

Half Trust

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Listening With Your Mouth

Recently I watched Barbara interact with a number of people, and toward the end of the day she turned to me and said, "I'd like to be a Real Love coach. What do you think?" "Perhaps," I said, "you could do that someday." "Why do you say, someday?" "I'm…

One Step at a Time

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With Real Love, you can live the joyful, fulfilling life you've always wanted. Start here by reading Real Love and PCSD (Post-Childhood Stress Disorder). "You do not want to miss out on these principles that will transform your life no matter…

Not By Ourselves

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A Completely Trusting Relationship

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Pay Attention

Pay attention to those few who have the courage to tell you the truth about yourself. Regrettably, rarely are those people your friends. We're here to help. Join in on a Free Real Love Conference Call, where others just like you are learning…
Real Love Has Made My Life Worse - Real Love Blog

Real Love Has Made My Life Worse

Mark had read the book Real Love and attended several Real Love groups. He called me and said, "Real Love has ruined my life." "How so?" I asked. "I feel worse about myself, and my marriage is worse than ever." After asking a few questions,…

Won't Sting

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Listen And Learn

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What We Need Most

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Move Forward

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Where To Get Love

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Eating With The Chickens - Real Love Blog
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Eating With The Chickens

A mother eagle failed to return to her nest, where a single hatchling screamed for his supper. Eventually he jumped from the nest and fell to the forest floor, where a chicken found him and took him home to her barnyard. The young eagle,…

Understand The Real Problem

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Real Love® and 20/20 Vision - Real Love Blog
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Real Love and 20/20 Vision

(Today's blog written by Devon DeLauro) When I was ten years old, I got glasses for the first time, and, oddly, I didn't really like the sudden clarity of vision. In all the previous years I had become accustomed to blurry vision, and it…
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Success in Finding Love

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