Fear is Irrational

The Complete Insanity of Fear

I've been having lower back pain for more than a year, and I didn't see a doctor because I have an admittedly foolish tendency to hope that physical symptoms will just go away–as most do. Finally, though, I noticed that my left big toe…
Choose to Trust People

Choose to Trust People

Choose to trust people and create the possibility that you will feel loved by them. Your pain will disappear—all because of your choice. Learn more about making wise choices by listening to Real Love.
Start Over.

Starting Over

Starting over doesn't have to be daunting and you don't need to do it alone. Take advantage of the many resources at that are there to help you: Free Conference Call, Loving People to Talk To, Coaching, or an Intervention with Greg.…
The Lure of Imitation Love

Glow Worms

Very deep in the bowels of a few caves in the world live tiny worms, which never see even the slightest ray of light from the sun. Clinging to the cave ceilings, they manufacture slender strands of silk, punctuated by globules of mucous. Pulled…
Choose to enjoy the sunshine.

Choose to Enjoy the Sunshine

Empower yourself and choose to enjoy the sunshine and freedom of Real Love. Listen to Real Love today.
Love is a choice

Love is a Choice and a Feeling Freely Shared

Love is a choice and a feeling freely shared, at this season and always. Make the choice to fill your heart and life with unconditional love and freely share it – listen to Real Love today.

Live According to True and Loving Principles

Learn the true and loving principles that will bring your life and relationships the peace and happiness you desire by listening to Real Love.
Choose Gratitude

The Ultimate Choice of Gratitude

In every given moment, we have a choice to make: First, we could complain about what we don’t have, or can’t do, or don’t get from people and circumstances. This gives us a real hit of victimhood—which is why we do it—but it never,…
You're paying with you whole life

You're Paying with Your Whole Life

Matt called me and described how he was struggling personally and in his relationships. "Sounds like a lot of work," I said. "It is," he said. "I'm exhausted all the time." "So you're exhausted, miserable, and alone. That's the reward." "Not…
Build your foundation on a rock.

Build On A Rock

Make sure your foundations are built on the rock of Real Love. Read or listen to Real Love today.

The Hole in the Door

For years Donna and I have been regularly associated with Rita, an elderly woman in town. Because of a lifetime of poor decisions, she can't work but subsists on a meager income from disability and social security. We assist her with shopping,…

Stop Hurting Me!

Years ago I took a group of young men on a canoe trip down a swift river. Although everyone was carefully instructed in how to safely maneuver their craft, one young man, Dean, fell out of his canoe, and we soon discovered that he had not properly…
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The Subtleties Of Power

Glenn was annoyed when he said, "Nobody listens to me." "Really?" I asked. "Give me an example." "Yesterday I wanted to go out to eat with Misty (his wife), instead of eating dinner at home." "Did you tell her you wanted to go out?" He…
The First Time You CHOOSE - Real Love Blog - Greg Baer
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The First Time You CHOOSE

Watch "Reacting Leaves No Room For Choices" and click on the cards in the video for amazing resources to help you stop reacting and start living the joyful life YOU deserve.
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Find Real Love for yourself and learn how to share it with others by reading or listening to Real Love. "Dr. Baer gets to the essence of what ails us in our personal relationships, our professional relationships, and our struggles. Real Love…
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The All-Powerful Bridge Of Trust

After watching Lisa express her anger at Paul, her husband, for several minutes, I interrupted. "You don't trust him." "Sure I do," she said. "I just don't like many of the choices he makes." "You mean most of his choices." Her silence…

Always Be Loving First

Need help? Watch "I Choose to be Loving, Because..." for some life-changing ideas.

Choose First To Trust

"I just had a clerk at Walmart say....I wish the whole world could be as happy as you look right now....I owe it to Real Love." Jolene L., Alabama Trust a Certified Real Love Coach and watch as your life transforms into the happy, joyful…
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You Pay For What You Get

For many years Julie had used guilt and intimidation to control every thought, word, and behavior of her husband, Don. This is hardly an accusation, since she was doing only what she had been taught all her life by her parents and others. Regrettably,…

There Are No Little Things, Only Choices

Learn how to live a life filled with Real Love and genuine happiness by watching The Essentials of Real Love DVDs here:

Bad Behaviors

Someone wrote on Facebook: “Behaviors are neither good nor bad. They just ‘are,’ and we choose them consciously or not.” It is SO tempting to believe that there are no “bad” behaviors. We WANT to believe this, but only because…