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Free to Choose

Perhaps the greatest distinguishing feature of mankind is our ability to choose our course in life, but if we cannot SEE the options available, we are not truly free to choose. Learn more about how to choose happiness by watching this Nugget…

Problems Make One Better Able to Cope with Life

“Creative people know that problems are to the mind what exercise is to the muscles: they toughen and make strong. Problems make one better able to cope with life.” (Norman Vincent Peale) Every day I hear from people who complain vigorously…

Choose Joy

Our time here is limited, and beyond our control, but we CAN choose whether our time is filled with joy. Choose joy by choosing love. Learn how here: and practice what you learn with the companion workbook:

Laws of Happiness

Only when we stay within the law—The Laws of Happiness—are we truly protected and free. Outside that protection lies confusion and pain. Live a life of happiness, free AND protected! Learn how here: Also available in Kindle ve…

New Beginning

Just as today is the beginning of a new year, every day is the beginning of a new life. With every bit of added knowledge and experience—which we can acquire every day—we achieve different perspectives, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.…

How We Respond

The things that happen to us—the things we tend to obsess about and try to control—are mostly irrelevant. What really matters is how we respond to them. Read more here to understand about your responses and the possibility for change…
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Are You Missing the Entire Point?

If you think or say anything like, “I HAVE to get my Christmas shopping done,” you’re missing the entire point of the season. Fill your life with love, Real Love. Learn how here:
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To Live

“Men may rise on stepping-stones of their dead selves to higher things.”( Alfred Lord Tennyson) To live we must die—leave the past behind. Free yourself to live more fully. Read Freedom for the Soul here:

Real Love—The Quick and Easy Way

With minimal investigation, most people recognize the potential of Real Love. When it comes to healing wounds and finding genuine happiness, it's the only power in the universe that makes sense. So why do so many people begin an investigation…
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When We're Afraid

When we’re afraid, we’re choosing to be thirsty while standing waist deep in the middle of a river. Choose confidence and peace instead of fear. Learn how here:
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Words and Behaviors

All of our words fade to silence in the volume of our behaviors. Watch or listen to The Essentials of Real Love and help your behaviors match your words.


“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” (Winston Churchill) Pain is inevitable. Staying there is a choice. Learn how to make the choice not to stay in pain here:  

Old Diapers and Mistakes

Over a period of several weeks, as I was teaching Markus the principles of Real Love, he was feeling worse and worse about himself. He could not let go of his guilt. "I have made so many mistakes," he said, "with my wife, my children, at…

What We are Becoming

With each decision we nurture the tree we are becoming. We determine the fruit we shall bear. And fruit falls to ground and sprouts into the new tree we shall become.
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When a hurricane is coming, you don’t picnic on the beach, and you’re not a coward if you leave and move inland. It’s the same with situations and people. If you know you’ll be overwhelmed by them, it’s not cowardice to get away from…
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Complaining is just too easy—takes no courage, no thinking, no responsibility, and no leadership. Unless we have a better idea about a solution, maybe we should find somebody who does have an idea and just support them.

Great Courage

No courage is required to be struck down by misfortune, but great courage is required to get back up again and continue moving forward. Read more in Greg's book Freedom for the Soul about how to find the courage to get back up again. …
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Planting Seeds of Love

I like sunflowers. Ringed by those outrageously yellow petals, their impossibly large heads stand ten feet in the air and perform a pendular dance every day as they follow the sun’s course across the sky. I’ve learned that if I want to…
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Choose Uncompromising Awareness

"The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnified world in itself." (Henry Miller) Everything changes the moment we choose complete, uncompromising awareness. Choose…
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Happiness is a Choice

“Life is hard.” “Life is pain.” How many times have we heard these words? And there’s the bumper sticker that reads, “Life’s a bitch, and then you die.” In the course of our lives, we certainly are presented with experiences…
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Life Rules

Life just isn’t that complicated: Tell the truth, never defend yourself, don’t ever be unkind to people, and love other people as well as you can. Watch or listen to The Essentials of Real Love, the centerpiece of your Real Love Education.…